The 11 best beaches in Athens


Visiting Athens ? You are less than an hour away from incredible beaches! It’s not every day that you have the chance to visit a capital city while being so close to the sea.

Here is our selection of the best beaches in Athens, but keep in mind that there are many others you should discover yourself. Usually the further east you go, the more beautiful the beaches will be. All of them have an excellent water quality, and have been chosen because there are all easily accessible; either by public transportation,  taxi or by car. They can all be reached in less than an hour in either case. Some of them are private or “organized” as the Greek call them, and some are “unorganized” which simply means there are no sunbeds and the entrance is free but it doesn’t mean they are less appealing, on the contrary.

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1. Astir Beach Club

Astir beach

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Aerial-motion

Astir Beach is a exclusive beach club that proposes high level services such as massages, small designer boutiques and of course food and beverages. There are also bungalows on the spot you can reserve if you wish to make the most of it. This beach is the one of the best and classiest beach in the region and is perfect for those looking for some serious pampering. If lying down in draped, dreamy canopy beds while hearing the gentle waves coming and going on the shore seems like an enjoyable experience, come visit this beach.

Entrance fee : 18€ during the week and 28€ during the weekends. Open from 8:00 to 21:00, but the club remains open until 12:00.

Location : Apollonos 40, Vouliagmeni. By bus take line 117 or 122.

2. Mati

Mati beach

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / rawf8

Mati beach is not very well known, which makes it quiet and peaceful. It is covered in sand which makes it more comfortable. There are no sundbeds or beach bars, or any other kinds of services that are usually offered at more popular beaches. It is surrounded by trees and has shallow water. It is the best beach for those who are looking for some true peace and quiet, while still having accommodation in Athens. This environment is perfect for people who believe in having an experience closer to nature or who aren’t seeking outany particular animation or service.

Entrance fee : The entrance is free.

Location : It takes about 45minutes from Athens to get there.

3. Akti Vouliagmenis

Akti Vouliagmenis beach

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Aerial-motion

Don’t mix up this beach with the one on the Vouliagmeni lake which is also beautiful but isn’t in the same area at all. Akti Vouliagmenis beach is surrounded by green lawns. There are a lot of different sports you can do here, on the beach directly or on the outdoor courts such as tennis, volleyball and basketball. This beach is the best place for those who are more on the active side, but of course also for those who just wish to rest on golden sand. There are a lot of amenities like free wifi, beach chairs, a first aid station and a kids playground which makes this beach very family friendly.

Entrance fee : 5€ and 3€ for students.

Location : By bus take line 117 or 122.

4. Varkiza

Varkiza beach

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Aerial-motion

Varkiza is a beach park which means that it is not only a beach but also different forms of entertainment in the water sport industry such as waterskiing, banana boats, paddleboarding and windsurfing. A good range of  other services are available there too ; sunbeds, Wi-Fi…  There is also a very large selection of restaurants, one for every taste. This sandy beach is ideal for those who want to satisfy a family who has different desires and needs in terms of activities.

Entrance fee : On weekdays the entrance is 6€, plus 5€ if you want an umbrella. Entrance after seven is free though.

Opening hours : 8:00-7:00pm

Location : You can take the metro to Elliniko station and then the 171 bus or the 122.

5. Edem

Edem beach

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Aleksandar Todorovic

Edem has one of the closest beaches from the center of Athens. It is covered in white pebbles. You will find a human scale large chessboard where locals frequently have battles you can join in. There are no special amenities as it an unorganized beach. It is a pretty minimalist beach but its proximity to the city and clear refreshing water makes it a real plus.

Entrance fee : The entrance is free

Location : Via tram go to Edem Stop.

6. Sounio

Sounio beach

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Aerial-motion

Sounio beach has the particularity of offering a fantastic view of the Olympieon which is the temple of Zeus  This enables you to soak in Greek history while soaking into soothing waters, walk on the thin sand and totally decompress. It has sand and a lot of sun.

Entrance fee :  The entrance is free.

Location : By bus : take line 856 and then Sounio coast line.


7. Kape beach

Kape beach

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Aerial-motion

Kape beach is situated near a renewable energy center so it is also called CRES which is the center’s acronym. On this beach you will definitely have the vibe of being on an island with its white sand, beautiful blue and turquoise water while having stunning view on the Aegean coast. The water gets deep pretty fast so beware, if you have kids that just learned how to swim or even for yourself, not to get too far out. On weekends this place gets pretty crowded, even if it used to be known as a secret spot. There is also a nudist beach nearby if you wish to sunbathe completely.

Entrance fee :  The entrance is free.

Location : It’s one hour drive from Athens, as its located the southest part of the peninsula.

8. Kokkino Limanaki

Kokkino Limanaki beach is unorganized and does not offer rented sunbeds or more sophisticated service. It is surrounded by trees which make this place popular for campers as you will see. It is the best beach near Athens if you wish to sleep in nature right next to the sea for a very fair price.  It is covered with golden sand and a few pebbles here and there.

Entrance fee : Then entrance is free.

Location : It is a forty minute drive from Athens.

9. Glyfada

Glyfada beach

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Aerial-motion

Glyfada beach is covered in a balanced mix of sand and pebbles. The water is crystal clear and has mesmerizing blue variations.  It is not equipped with sunbeds but there are still a lot of bars and tavernas in the area. This place is a good compromise if you wish to go somewhere very close the city while still being in a environment that seems far from any industry.

Entrance fee : The entrance is free.

Location : It is only 16km away from the south of Athens.

10. Kavouri

Kavouri beach

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Sven Hansche

Kavouri‘s sand beach gives access to many other coves if you go by foot. The water is shallow and the water is so clear you will not believe it. There are a lot of amenities and water sports to do there as well. As the place is close from Athens, it gets pretty crowded as it is a perfect spot for families.

Entrance fee : Then entrance is free.

Location : It is only 20km from the city center.

11. Votsalakia  Kastellas

Kotsalakia Kastellas beach

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Heracles Kritikos

Votsalakia  Kastellas beach is one of the only that is reachable by foot from Athens, from the Piraeus port. It is pebbled, but very clean. It is popular for its exceptional proximity from the center. You can do some volleyball there too, or eat at one of the many cafes and restaurants. We recommend going here if you are already near the port and do not wish to take a car but to simply rest after having a nice walk along the marina.

Entrance fee : The entrance is free.

Location : You can go there by bus from the center of Piraeus or from Neo Faliro.


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