Become a sponsor of one or more articles on travel blog

Become a sponsor of one or more articles on travel blog

Would you like to become a sponsor of one or more articles we have on our site?

Your banner will be visible to all the visitors to that particular article while scrolling down the page. It is no-rotating banner which means that only your banner will be visible on this place for the whole period of time.

The price of this service starts at 25,-EUR per year per article only and depends on how many articles you become a sponsor to.

Some important facts about

  • 40,000 unique visitors and 65,000 pageviews in the last 30 days
  • Several articles shared by official tourism boards such as Visit Helsinki, Feel Slovenia, Visit Czech Republic, Paris, je t’aime, Rendez-vous en France, Visit Sicily, Visit Ljubljana,, Visit Portugal, Visit Lisboa, Visit Barcelona, GoToHungary, Tallinn,, and others
  • Fast website with 99,99% uptime, we manage websites since 2008 (Read more about performance here)
  • 60+ unique and interesting travel articles with 100,000+ words and 1,600+ great pictures
  • Visitors are coming from US (approx. 33%) followed then by 8 European countries and Canada

Should you need an access to Google Analytics, let us know.

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Please contact us on [email protected] so that we can discuss this further.

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