How to get from Athens to Mykonos by ferry?

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Are you planning a trip to Mykonos? Find out how to reach the most famous of the Cyclades Islands by ferry from Athens.

If you’re keen to mingle with cashed-up fashionistas, cruise-ship crowds, beach club aficionados, and the like, the island of Mykonos is the place to be during the high season. Known for its vibrant nightlife and always true to its party-hard reputation, the island of Mykonos is definitely a quintessential tourist destination. Visitors who come here know that they will be spending quite a bit of cash, and jostle with street crowds that are anything but quiet!

And yet, despite its sizzling glamor, Mykonos has retained its authentic charm, replete with whitewashed houses, its maze of narrow alleyways draped in bright fuchsia bougainvillea, and lovely old chapels. These quaint religious edifices were actually erected by residents, most of them smugglers, as an act of gratitude for having survived sea storms!

Mykonos is now home to about ten villages. Be careful not to confuse Chora, the capital, with Chora, the main city of Naxos, another island of the Cyclades! During your stay, be sure to explore the quaint and picturesque villages of Ano Mera and Klouvas, which are located inland.

Are you eager to have some fun on the beautiful sandy beaches of Mykonos? Here’s how to reach the island of Mykonos by ferry from Athens!

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Ferry companies connecting Athens to Mykonos

Athens to Mykonos by ferry

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If you are leaving from Piraeus, the port of Athens, be aware that there are 29 connections taking place every week. The ferry routes to Mykonos are currently operated by three shipping companies. Blue Star Ferries provides most of the crossings (up to fifteen times a week), while Sea Jets and Golden Star Ferries each operate seven.

The duration of the crossing is variable, depending on the company you have chosen. Seajets offers the fastest trip: the journey lasts for only two and a half hours. A crossing by Blue Star Ferries lasts almost four hours, while Golden Star Ferries offers a five-hour trip. These differences in speed result from the type of boat used, as well as the number of planned stops in the other Cyclades islands.

In Mykonos, the ferry will disembark at the port of Chora. The island’s colorful and dynamic capital, packed with shops and restaurants, will welcome you with open arms. On the spot, you will be able to rent out different kinds of vehicles, depending on your needs: cars, scooters, bicycles…

Compare ticket prices from Athens to Mykonos with Direct Ferries

Plan a ferry trip to Mykonos with Direct Ferries

Are you looking for a way to plan a ferry trip to Mykonos? Feel free to use a crossing comparator, such as the Direct Ferries website. This site provides a daily analysis of all the ferry routes by the shipping companies operating in the Mediterranean Sea. A quick and convenient way to find the information about the crossing you are looking for!

To check your crossing options, it’s very simple: on the Direct Ferries homepage, start by indicating that you want to go to Mykonos from Piraeus. Then enter the date and time you plan to leave, and do the same for the return. Add your passenger information: number of passengers, age, etc. Planning to travel with your vehicle? You must enter its type and brand. After filling-in, all you have to do is click to validate!

Using all this data, the website will provide you with a list of the scheduled crossings on your chosen dates. Now it’s up to you to compare these results to find the ferry crossing to Mykonos that suits you best!

How to book your ferry trip to Mykonos from Athens?

Athens to Mykonos by ferry

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Thanks to the list of crossings provided by Direct Ferries, you have now found your best route. The time to book your trip has arrived! Don’t wait until the last minute, as ferry trips are in high demand. Aside from Mykonos, you can travel from Athens to other Cyclades islands such as Santorini, Naxos, and Paros.

By clicking on the schedule you have chosen, you will be re-directed to a new page. You will be asked to enter your preferences according to several travel options. Depending on your needs – whether you prefer to travel on the deck, or to book a cabin with a bunk and a private bathroom – the price will differ! Depending on the length of your trip, a good compromise could be to request a seat in one of the passenger lounges. This way, you will have the space to settle down and avoid the tiresome standing-on-the-deck option.

Finally, Direct Ferries offers you the option of taking out cancellation insurance, free of charge. You can also request a text message to remind you of your booking details. Simply wait until you receive a confirmation via email, at the address you have indicated.

Still not happy with the available ferry routes departing from the port of Piraeus? The port of Rafina, located an hour away from Athens, also offers ferry crossings to Mykonos.

Compare ticket prices from Athens to Mykonos with Direct Ferries

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