The 10 best bars in Lisbon


Whether you are a laid-back night owl or an avid partygoer, going out in Lisbon is the best way to experience the city’s heart and soul. Here is our selection of the best bars in Lisbon!

Nightlife in Lisbon, and especially in the Bairro Alto district, is known for its liveliness. Are you keen to go for wine tasting or would you prefer to sip some cocktails in a jazzy atmosphere? A night out in Lisbon offers you a variety of options: here is our selection of the 10 best bars in Lisbon!

1. Pensão amor: a burlesque experience!

To get an idea of what Pensão Amor looks like, visualize an old vintage brothel with a burlesque decor, mismatched armchairs, an erotic bookshop, a dance floor, and delicious cocktails. This is the kind of experience you will only live in Lisbon! To find the bar, spot the red lantern…

Address: Pensão Amor, Rua do Alecrim, 19

2. Português pub: Conviviality and perfect service

The Pub Português stands out for its all-around efficiency: a laid-back and lively atmosphere (the pub regularly screens football matches and features live concerts on some evenings), a wide array of delicious drinks (beer, sangria, wine). And most of all, you’ll love its unique, friendly atmosphere – sometimes lacking in the local bars – making it one of the best bars in Lisbon!

Address: Pub Português, Rua da Barroca, 15

3. The old pharmacy: for wine lovers!

The Old Pharmacy is a must-try for all wine lovers out there. Very good wines, very good ports, and above all an impeccable service to guide you in your choice of drink.

Address: The Old Pharmacy, Rua do Diario de Noticias 73-81

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4. Paginas tantas: a jazzy atmosphere in the bairro alto

Entering Paginas Tantas is like sneaking into the jazzy world of the 1930s. Enjoy tasty cocktails in front of live music (see the line-up on the Facebook page). It is a friendly and intimate venue, ideal for a romantic evening.

Address: Paginas Tantas, Rua do Diário de Notícias, 85

5. Pavilhão chinês: an unusual bar-museum

Five rooms filled with objects from floor to ceiling, including paintings, medals, crockery. Pavilhão Chinês offers cocktails and, from time to time, fado evenings (see the bar’s Facebook page). A touristic venue, but it’s worth a visit at least once… And you can play pool!

Address: Pavilhão Chinês, Rua Dom Pedro V, 89/91

6. Park bar: drinks on a rooftop with a view on the city

Perched at the top of a car park, the terrace of the Park Bar offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city. One of the best bars in Lisbon for a sunset aperitif! However, the service is not always as great as expected… Nevertheless, the terrace is a definite must-see!

Address: Park Bar, Calcada do Combro 58

7. A Ginjinha Espinheira: The historic place to taste Ginja

This small bar does not offer a wide range of drinks: most people come here to drink ginja (cherry liqueur, one of Lisbon’s specialties) in a few minutes while leaning against the counter. And it’s been happening for a long time: A Ginjinha Espinheira was one of the first bars ever to serve ginja.

Address: A Ginjinha Espinheira, Largo de São Domingos, 8

8. Procópio bar: the hidden old bar

At Procópio Bar, everything could potentially need a revamp: the menu, the decor, the atmosphere. However, it is this “real old bar” atmosphere that makes all the charm of this hidden bar! Warning: this is a smoking area.

Address: Procópio Bar, Alto de Sao Francisco 21 A

9. Wine with a view

The title says it all! This small truck parked at the edge of the Tagus is simply this: a few chairs laid out in front of a magnificent view, and good wine. Perfect for beautiful sunset seekers. One of the best bars in Lisbon to go for a drink.

Address: Wine With A View, Castelo de Sao Jorge

10. Lisbeer: to taste a local beer!

If you get tired of Portuguese wines, then go to LisBeer. You will taste a range of craft beers from Portugal and around the world. Be aware, however, that this is a smoking venue.

Address: LisBeer, Beco Arco Escuro 1

Lisbon is definitely a great city to hang out at night. With many different kinds of bars and clubs, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of various atmospheres and most for an affordable price. We warmly recommend you go out a little bit during your stay in Lisbon to at least get a glimpse of the local nightlife which is not just tourists but a feature of the city itself and something that is inherent to the Lisboeta population. And of course you can partake fully in the festivities and party with the locals, in which case we recommend you sleep in and enjoy one of The 10 best brunches in Lisbon! If you do though, make sure to leave your car in the parking lot as you wouldn’t want to drive after drinking. Better yet, book a parking spot online and leave it safely there overnight!

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