Best Chinese Cities To See After A Trans-Siberian Tour

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Best Chinese Cities To See After A Trans-Siberian Tour! The Trans-Siberian Railway remains one of the most famous railways worldwide and spans nearly 9,300 kilometres. If you wish to tour China as well, begin from Beijing or end in Beijing, allowing you access to the Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian railways. Ending in Beijing, in particular, gives you more freedom to stay for a longer tour since China is a travel destination that should definitely be explored.

China has over 5,000 years of documented history, and its vast presence entices over 120 million travellers each year. It’s become easy to customize a well balance tour so you can opt to spend only a few days in China to over a week after your Trans-Siberian Tour. Depending on the length of your day, here are some must see destinations:

Best Chinese cities to see


Since your tour starts here, take time to visit China’s cultural and political capitol. Beijing boasts many popular attractions, including the Great Wall of China. Consider exploring it from the less populated side near Mutianyu and riding a bicycle along the Wall to further explore the landmark.

Leave time to visit the Forbidden City, China’s largest Imperial Palace with over 980 buildings, as well as the Imperial Summer Palace, and the Olympic Stadium, where the 2008 Summer Olympics was held.

The Great Wall of China in Beijing, Best Chinese Cities To See
The Great Wall of China in Beijing, Best Chinese Cities To See by Arian Zwegers


While the city doesn’t have as many infamous attractions as Beijing, it allows you to experience a combined culture of East and West through architectural buildings and attractions. Take time to leisurely explore the Yuyuan Garden and the Huangpu River Cruise.

Even if it is a short tour, arrange to see the stunning Chinese acrobatics, and see entertainment and colourful lights, flexibility, and coordination come together in an unforgettable performance.

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai, China
Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai, Best Chinese Cities To See by SteFou!


The Terracotta Army is usually one of most tourists’ reasons to visit China. This is because you’ll be fascinated by the life-like soldiers, horses, and carriages from the 280 BC time period. You can get an even closer look at them by visiting the Han Yang Ling Mausoleum to further inspect them.

Terracotta Army, X’ian, China
Terracotta Army, X’ian, Best Chinese Cities To See by Jean-Marie Hullot

What else to explore in China?

If you’re thinking of taking an extended tour, can help you out. With those extra days, take the time to further explore these areas:


This destination houses the popular Giant Panda Research Base, which is known as China’s national treasure. In addition to 60 different types of pandas, you’ll find many other species of rare animals, including other pandas and black-necked cranes.

Here’s a travel tip: If you visit in the morning, you have a better chance of seeing them play or interact with each other.

Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Chengdu, Sichuan, China by DaiLuo


If you like the outdoors, this is perfect for you as you’ll find some scenic landmarks, including beautiful lakes in Dali. If you actually want to explore, head further to Lijiang where you can reach the top of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by cable car and observe ethnic dances at the base.

Even farther to the north is Tiger Leaping Gorge which needs at least a day to fully experience the canyon and surrounding villages.

Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan, China
Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan, China by Andrew Smith


If you’re a movie buff, you know that the “Hallelujah Mountains” in Zhangjiajie National Park were an inspiration for the floating mountains in Avatar. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider taking a river raft through the mountains.

Zhangjiajie National Park, China
Zhangjiajie National Park, China by Carlos Adampol Galindo

Adding on a China tour is an easy way for you to experience even more cities at the end of your Trans-Siberian tour.

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