The 10 best rooftop bars where to have a drink in Athens


Need to take a step back or just want to enjoy a drink with a breathtaking view of the Greek capital? Discover our selection of the best rooftops to have a drink in Athens!

A city steeped in history, Athens is known as the cradle of democracy and Europe, but also as a true open-air museum with its almost infinite list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Fortunately, the Greek capital not only shines with its history and heritage but also with its lively nightlife! This city that never falls asleep has some fantastic terraces and rooftops where you can enjoy a drink while admiring the sunset. The early bird can even enjoy a delicious breakfast on some rooftops with the Acropolis as a backdrop. During the hottest months, these open spaces will also feel like a breath of fresh air! What could be better than enjoying an ice-cold cocktail on the 9th floor of a hotel to fight the heat and capture the gentle breezes blowing over Athens?

If you are looking for an exceptional place to meet friends for an evening or to enjoy a sublime panoramic view of the illuminated Acropolis or the city, discover now our selection of the 10 best rooftops to have a drink in Athens!

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1. A for Athens

Look no further! The most beautiful view of the beautiful Greek capital is at Café Cocktail Bar A for Athens. This rooftop where you can have a drink in Athens is on the roof of a beautiful hotel.

To access it, simply enter the building via rue Miaouli, then cross the hall following the sign “Café Cocktail Bar”. An elevator will take you to the 6th floor. Finally, a few steps will be climbed to enjoy a superb view of the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Monastiraki Square, but also the Tzistarakis and Fetihye mosques, the Wind Tower, the two Roman and ancient Agora, the temple of Hephaestus and the Plaka district! A little something extra: it is possible to ride on this charming Athenian rooftop at any time of the day or night. You can have breakfast in front of the sunrise in the morning, or enjoy the sunset with a cocktail in hand in the evening. It is so famous, that it has almost become a must-see place to visit in Athens!

Adress : Miaouli 2, Athens 105 54, Greece

2. Couleur Locale

Also located near Monastiraki Square, this rooftop where you can have a drink in Athens offers a superb view of the Acropolis, the Parthenon and many other famous buildings mentioned above! If there are many similar rooftops all around this square, the particularity of Couleur Locale lies in its somewhat hidden location, with a less touristic, young and trendy clientele. As a result, you will find a more local, friendly and relaxed atmosphere than anywhere else, as well as delicious cocktails and jazz, soul and rock’n’ roll music! To meet one-night stands, this rooftop is probably one of the best in the area.

To get there, you will have to take a few narrow and charming streets in Monastiraki. The entrance is certainly not very attractive, but do not hesitate before entering and cross the bar to take the elevator to the 3rd floor. You will then arrive on a charming rooftop terrace decorated with trees and tables in wood and earthenware. During the day, it is also possible to have lunch there while enjoying a breathtaking view of the famous Acropolis.

Adress : Normanou 3, Athens 105 55, Greece

3. Galaxy Bar

Here is one of the most beautiful rooftops to have a drink in Athens! Located on the roof of the Hilton Hotel, the Galaxy Bar is well named with its starry ceiling. As elsewhere, you will have a breathtaking view of the ancient city and the Acropolis, illuminated in the distance.

Elegant and prestigious, this cocktail bar serves beautifully elaborated drinks as well as Mediterranean dishes with authentic flavours. For a romantic and magical evening, in a more chic atmosphere, we recommend it! Be very careful at the address, there are two places with this name in Athens.

Adress : Leof. Vasilissis Sofias 46, Athens 115 28, Greece

4. The 360°

We are back on Monastiraki Square. 360° is opposite A for Athens. Like its neighbour, it is one of the best rooftops to have a drink in Athens.

In addition to its breathtaking view of the Acropolis, there is a stylish and stylish decoration, a green setting and original cocktails prepared by expert barmaids! You can also dine there, under the stars, with your partner or with friends. To enjoy a magical sunset on the Acropolis, you now know where to go!

Adress : Ifestou 2, Athens 105 55, Greece

5. Bios Bar

If you come to visit Athens with friends, then the terrace of the Bios Bar is certainly one of the coolest places to go. Located in a multi-storey building, where there is an art gallery, a theatre, a bar and many other attractions, it is one of the most exceptional rooftops where you can have a drink in Athens.

In addition to the traditional view of the Acropolis and a wide variety of drinks, you will find here a local, relaxed and artistic, almost hipster and underground atmosphere. The rooftop frequently hosts musical performances and you won’t be bored! However, be careful, this bar is worth it and is difficult to find. To access this hidden treasure, don’t look for a sign in the street that could indicate the entrance, you’ll have to find a large open door – almost an apartment door, then take the stairs to reach this superb rooftop!

Address: Pireos 84, Athens 104 35, Greece

6. GB Roof Garden

Located on the roof terrace of the luxurious and famous Hotel Great Britain, the GB Roof Garden is one of the most recommended rooftops for travellers and locals to enjoy a drink in Athens! You will also enjoy an incredible view of the Acropolis of Athens.

At nightfall, you can dine or have a drink while enjoying a breathtaking view of the illuminated capital. A perfectly executed Mediterranean cuisine awaits you, as well as succulent cocktails perfectly prepared by talented mixologists and barmaids! The luxury and charm of the Hôtel Grande Bretagne is not only reserved for its tenants.

Address: Vasileos Georgiou A 1, Athens 105 64, Greece

7. Hytra

For a pleasant evening in a refined place, we can only recommend this rooftop where you can have a drink in Athens! Located at the top of the Onassis Cultural Centre, on Syngrou Avenue, Hytra is a charming bar-restaurant, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the three hills of Athens!

To the panorama are added cocktails executed with a masterful hand. The barmaids use traditional Greek spices and herbs, as well as local liqueurs and fresh produce, to create exceptional drinks that will delight your palates. Hytra also offers an extremely inventive and light cuisine, with refined flavours and textures. This rooftop is definitely a place to discover during your stay in Athens!

Address: Leof. Andrea Siggrou 107-109, Athens 117 45, Greece

8. Gazarte

Best rooftop bars in Athens

Photo credit: Instagram -gazarte

Located in an industrial building in the Gazi Technopolis Park, this rooftop where you can have a drink in Athens is more known for its musical offer than for its views. The absence of pretty panoramas is fortunately compensated by a discovery of the typical Athenian festive atmosphere. At Le Gazarte, you can enjoy a relaxed and musical atmosphere that is ideal for meeting locals.

For wild evenings or amazing musical events, we can only recommend this concert hall with rooftop. Be careful though, you will probably have to buy a ticket on the spot or even in advance to access the establishment!

Address: Voutadon 34, Athens 118 54, Greece

9. City ZEN

Located in the Monastiraki district, City Zen is a superb rooftop where you can have a drink in Athens, but also for lunch or dinner facing the magnificent Acropolis. In the evening, it is not uncommon for music to mix with dishes and cocktails. To access this rooftop, it should be noted that the entrance is as often as not, discreet. You will have to go through a building lobby located on Aiolou Street at number 11. A simple sign with the consumption rates will tell you that you are on the right track. Then take the elevator to the 9th floor to enjoy an incredible view of the most famous hill in Athens.

Address: Aiolou 11, Athens 105 55, Greece

10. Air Lounge Bar & Restaurant

This beautiful rooftop where you can have a drink in Athens is located in the beautiful Fresh Hotel, near the Omonia metro station and not far from the Monastiráki district. Beautifully arranged and decorated, this terrace offers a panoramic and sublime view of the capital. You can admire the beautiful Acropolis from this rooftop, but also the illuminated roofs that extend all around Omonia Square. This bar on the 9th floor of the hotel obviously offers delicious cocktails and a refined menu.

Adress : Sofokleous 26, Athens 105 52, Greece

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