Day Out In The Capital: 5 Of The Best Views In London


So, you’re in London, one of the busiest and most exciting places on Earth – of course you’ll want to see as much of it as you can! Read on for ideas on how you can do just that, and make the most of your visit to London by capturing the amazing views the capital has to offer. There’s something for everyone… even if you’re scared of heights!

Best Views In London

1. The Shard

Where better to absorb the stunning views of London’s greatest landmarks than the tallest building in Western Europe? Opened to the public just recently, the eighty-seven storey skyscraper offers an unparalleled opportunity to observe sights up to forty miles away from the Shard’s central location of Joiner Street (the nearest tube is London Bridge).

Its dagger-like appearance and staggering height are not for the faint-hearted – it stands at approximately 310 metres tall – but there’s no question that if you want to see London from above, this is the place to do so.

London as seen from The Shard, Best Views In London, England, UK
London as seen from The Shard, The Best Views In London, England, UK by Charlie Marshall

2. The London Eye

Ever since its millennium opening, the Eye has become an integral feature of the London skyline.

More family friendly than the likes of the Shard due to its Ferris wheel appeal, the London Eye’s south bank location means that it is perfect for soaking up views of some of the city’s most iconic features – and for snapping that full-length photo of Big Ben you couldn’t quite capture on land.

Probably the most relaxed ‘ride’ you’ll ever experience, a visit to the London Eye is a must for any tourist in the capital.

London Eye view, Best Views In London, England, UK
London Eye view, Best Views In London, England, UK by Adam Kent

3. Tower Bridge

Suspended over the River Thames, Tower Bridge is one of London’s most widely recognised sights – but did you know that you can actually go inside this famous landmark?

Ideal for anybody who might be looking for something a bit more than just the city’s views, Tower Bridge doubles up as both an interesting museum experience and a fantastic sightseeing spot, allowing visitors an insight into the history of the bridge, including its Victorian engine rooms.

View from Tower Bridge, Best Views In London, England, UK
View from Tower Bridge, Best Views In London, England, UK by Tammy Lo

4. Paramount

Situated in the heart of London at the very top of Tottenham Court Road’s Centre Point, this restaurant is home to not only a great menu of classic European cuisine, cocktails and even the city’s highest afternoon tea, but also 360 degree panoramic views of the London skyline.

After a day of shopping on the jam-packed nearby Oxford Street, a reservation in the restaurant’s ‘crowning glory’ – its viewing gallery – is a wonderful, and delightfully different, opportunity to relax.

The view from Paramount, Best Views In London, England, UK
The view from Paramount, Best Views In London, England, UK by Matt Biddulph

5. Route 11 Bus

Passing by the King’s Road, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Whitehall, the Strand, Fleet Street and the Bank of England, a topped up Oyster card (or all day ticket) is all you need to catch a close up glimpse of some of the city’s finest attractions – and soak up some of the atmosphere of busy London life.

Although the view you’ll get from the Number 11 is from street level rather than panoramic, if you’re less keen on heights, or just want to cover a lot of distance without navigating the tubes, walking too much or succumbing to the extortion of “sightseeing” buses, then – as long as you avoid rush hour – this is your answer to seeing all the best bits of one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Route 11 Bus, Best Views In London, England, UK
Route 11 Bus, Best Views In London, England, UK by Peter Trimming

If you like running there are even some great routes to run through London, so you can see a lot more great views of this wonderful city in a shorter time. As the weather is changing quite a lot in London, do not forget to wear proper jacket here, e.g. RunnerClick have some reviews of the best Nike running jackets.

What views do you recommend in London? Share them below in the comments.

If you liked these places you will definitely like all top places to visit in London. And once you explore all the secrets of London, you can start exploring its surroundings.

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  1. I like the view from the New Zealand House in London. They have a top floor function room with balconies and you can see London from all sides. If you bring binoculars you may be lucky to see the Queen in her lounge!

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