How to book a ticket for the Alhambra of Granada online?

Book your tickets to visit the Alhambra of Granada

Are you off to visit Granada in Andalusia? Here’s how to book a ticket for the Alhambra in advance!

The Alhambra of Granada, probably one of the most exquisite illustrations of Moorish culture in Andalusia, is one of the world’s ten most visited monuments, attracting more than three million visitors per year. A ticket to the Alhambra, this world-famous tourist site, is in itself very difficult to obtain. Even if you try to do so in advance, you are not guaranteed to book a ticket for the Alhambra. Once you’ve managed to book a ticket, you will have access to this exceptional monumental complex of palaces comprising the Alcazaba, the Palacios Nazaríes (Nasrid Palaces), the Generalife and its gardens, and Charles V Palace.

To help you book a ticket for the Alhambra, we’ve compared the types of entrance tickets, the different rates, and where and how to book your ticket.

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Book your ticket via the official website of the Alhambra

Visit the Alhambra of Granada

It is essential to book your tickets for the Alhambra in Granada at least several weeks, ideally several months in advance (up to three months in advance). Indeed, finding a ticket on the spot and the same day is mission impossible. Besides, the number of daily visitors is limited to 6,600 per day. In fact, access to the Palacios Nazaríes is only possible at the time specified on your ticket, and it will not be canceled or refundable. If you arrive late, you will automatically lose your right to access the Palaces.

You can book a ticket for the Alhambra online, on the Alhambra’s official website. Here are the types of tickets on sale:

The Alhambra daytime visit ticket allows you to visit the Alcazaba, Charles V Palace, the Nasrid Palaces, the Palacio del Generalife, the Mosque Bath, and the gardens,
Alhambra evening visit ticket: allows you to visit the Nasrid Palaces and gardens,
Alhambra Jardins Ticket: includes all areas, except the Nasrid Palaces
– Paseo de Los Cipreses (Promenade of the Cypress Trees),
– Secano (Dryland),
– Jardines de San Francisco (San Francisco Gardens),
– Jardin de Los Adarves (Garden of the Adarves),
– The Palacio del Partal (A small porticoed palace),
– Gardens and paths,
– The Rauda (Cemetery),
– The Palace of Yusuf III,
– The Paseo de las Torres (The Promenade of the Towers)
– Low and High Gardens: Patio de la Acequia (Patio of the Irrigation Ditch), Sultana Patio (the Sultan’s Patio) and the Escalera del Agua (Water Stairway).

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As for the Alhambra ticket rates, they vary according to the age and profile of the visitors:

Daytime visit:
Children under 8 years old: free of charge;
Children from 8 to 15 years old: €8;
Adults: €14.

Evening visit of the Nasrid Palaces:
Children under 12 years old: free of charge;
Adults: €8.

Evening visit of the gardens:
Adults: €5;
Children under 12 years old: free of charge.

Visit of the Gardens, the Alcazaba, and the Palacio de Generalife:
Adults: €7;
Children under 12 years old: free of charge.

Buy your tickets via a tourist attraction comparison website

Visit the Alhambra of Granada

Doyoogo is a comparison website of tourist attractions and activities all over the world. You can use this website to compare ticket offers and rates for the Alhambra.
The advantage? You can choose between skip-the-line tickets and guided tours in the language that suits you, and compare the prices of the different booking platforms, each with their own “stock” of remaining tickets for the Alhambra.

Guided tours are available from €33.75. It is essential to carefully select the options you want to include in your visit, namely: a guided tour of the Alhambra with access to the Generalife and the Palacios Nazaríes, with or without the transport directly from your hotel option… You can even combine your visit of the Alhambra with a massage in a Granada hammam! If the price of a guided tour is too high for you, you can book a skip-the-line ticket with an included audio guide.

The ticket offers for the Alhambra, the Gardens, the Alcazaba, or the Palacio del Generalife are selected from different platforms. In the absence of an exhaustive list, we can only advise you to choose the offer for the Alhambra that suits you best. Don’t delay, book a ticket for the Alhambra!

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