Booking An Aerial Photography Tour


With access to current technology, there are more and more budding photographers around the world. Capturing a trip to a foreign country no longer involves rolls and rolls of film, as well as developing costs. An excellent way to get a unique perspective when you visit a scenic country such as Australia is to book a helicopter tour and experience a bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape.

Take a look at the website where you will find lots of tips when shooting pictures from a helicopter. If you are looking to book a helicopter tour on your visit to Sydney, here are some tips to find the best tour company for your needs.

Berrilee, New South Wales, Australia, aerial photo
Berrilee, New South Wales, Australia, aerial photo by Michael Coghlan

The Weather

Whether you are looking to take a tour of the Sydney skyscrapers, or a scenic tour of the Blue Mountains, the time of year that you plan to go will have a significant influence on what the weather is likely to be.

Although it is possible to have an excellent trip throughout the year, choosing a month when the weather is more likely to be nice is a good idea. A helicopter ride is not as much fun when you are flying through bad turbulent weather. Through the months of March to May, and September to November and usually the best times to visit due to the weather.

Whitehaven Beach Australia aerial photo
Whitehaven Beach Australia aerial photo by Wicker Paradise

Experienced Tour Operators

You will want to research all of the available tour operators that offer helicopter tours in and around Sydney. It is important to note that if you wish for an early start and if the aircraft is based at Sydney airport, they will not be able to fly before 6 AM.

Speak to each of the companies and explain your itinerary and the photographs that you are looking to take and ask them for a package that they can offer that will suit your needs. You will also want to ask each company what backup plans they would have in case the weather was not very good on the day of flying.

Sydney, Australia, aerial photo
Sydney, Australia, aerial photo by Duncan Hull

Check Out The Equipment

It is also a good idea to find out what equipment each company is using and if any other people will be joining your tour or not. Helicopters come in many different sizes so you may need to find a bigger aircraft if you will be taking a lot of equipment with you.

Many companies are used to customers requiring aerial photography trips, so they often have harnesses and other equipment to assist you in your search for the perfect photo.

At the Lost City, Australia
At the Lost City, Australia by Sandra Schleter

What Other People Say

Before you decide on which company to book your helicopter tour with, check out each company’s online reputation using review sites, and see what their customers have to say about them.

The internet is an excellent tool to research a company before booking with them, and if anything does come up in your research, you can ask the company specifically about it.

Flight to Horizontal Falls, Australia
Flight to Horizontal Falls, Australia by Stephan Ridgway

A helicopter will allow you to take some awesome photographs on your trip to Sydney so it is worth your time and effort making sure that you book your trip with a reputable and reliable company. Choosing the tour operator wisely will let you come home with some excellent memories, as well as photographs.

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