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We have created this tool to allow you to calculate your travel budget regardless of your chosen destination. It offers all types of travelers the opportunity to calculate and estimate their travel expenses. Are you planning to travel to India? Or Thailand? Or the United States? Our travel budget calculator features more than 260 destinations. Before your departure, it’s essential to get a realistic perspective on your travel expenses, especially when you have very little knowledge of the destination you are traveling to. If you want to know how to efficiently use the budget calculator, read the “how it works” page.

The above app is perfectly suitable for calculating your holiday budget. Have you planned a holiday abroad? You can adapt the calculation according to your expenses (accommodation budget, food budget, leisure budget, transport budget). The app is designed to provide two types of holiday (or travel) budget: firstly, the subsistence level budget (the absolute minimum budget), and secondly, the budget according to your travel profile: are you more of a “backpacker,” a “tourist,” a “comfort-seeking traveler”? It is up to you to indicate your personality. When traveling, are you a spendthrift or a thrifty person? Remember that the travel budget calculator is here to guide you. The minimum budget is provided on an indicative basis: it is only suitable for those traveling on a very low budget. The majority of travelers spend between 100 and 200% above this minimum.

Finally, this budget calculator can be used by expatriates, students abroad, and long-term travelers to calculate the cost of living abroad. It can, therefore, also be used as a cost-of-living calculator. Indeed, when moving overseas, it is always useful to know the cost of living to adapt to the country. Your expenses are bound to change once abroad, so it’s best to estimate them in advance. Calculating the cost of living is always tricky, but the tool on this page is ideal for getting an estimation of your potential expenses. Without having to delve too much into the details, you can get a first impression of what you will have to plan in the country you are traveling to.

The data in our travel budget/vacation/cost of living calculation tools are updated regularly, and the sources used are reliable, and above all, they are diverse and numerous. You, therefore, have every reason to trust the results indicated. It is then up to you to interpret them as appropriate and adapt them to your profile (this is beyond the scope of the tool).

Don't forget that Traveltipy is not just a travel budget app. It is also a complete travel guide that allows you to organize your trips.