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Yellowstone National Park – oldest national park in the world

Yellowstone National Park, which largest part lies in the state of Wyoming (91% of the park) is a real gem among national parks. The rest of the park is spread among two other US states – Montana (7.6%) and Idaho […]

140 Years of the Railway in Postojna Cave, Slovenia

16 June 2012 marked 140 years since the first ride with the underground train inside Postojna Cave. Up until the early 19th century, when the inner parts of the cave were discovered by Luka Čeč on 14 April 1818, the […]

Visit Romania – 21 most beautiful places in Transylvania

Visit Romania! Transylvania, the part of Romania associated with fictional vicious vampires and a real historical figure of Vlad the Impaler, is in fact a charming part of Romania with no traces of its bloody past. Visitors can enjoy lively […]

FlightHub: Five US Airports Less Than Five Miles From Downtown

While many fear the uncertainty of flight delays, they can sometimes be just a small part of the battle of getting from point a to point b. One thing many don’t consider is what to do when you get off […]