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The most beautiful discoveries of the world can be found here! Discover unknown destinations, paradisiacal islands, unusual visits, amazing and magical places that deserve to be visited and explored. Learn more about the last remaining tribes on Earth, ancient civilizations or customs still in use in some countries. All travel discoveries are accompanied by photos and videos.

The 5 best itineraries for a European cruise

Are you keen to discover Europe’s picturesque landscapes and age-old cultural landmarks? We’ve compiled a selection of the best itineraries for a european cruise, as a foretaste of the numerous cruise options available. All aboard! Israel & Mediterranean Cruise A […]

5 amazing movies that will make you fall in love with the Slovak nature

5 amazing movies that will make you fall in love with the Slovak nature! Well, it should be mentioned in the beginning, Slovakia doesn’t have Hollywood! And as Slovak, I must say, I can’t remember any movie that would have […]

Visiting Popradské pleso glacial lake in the High Tatras, Slovakia

High Tatras National Park is filled with amazing places and one of the most iconic is that of Popradské pleso glacial lake. As you might expect it is also one of the most popular places to visit in the High […]

Piecky gorge – hiking paradise in the Slovak Paradise National Park

So I visited Piecky gorge in the Slovak Paradise National Park last Sunday and I must say that it was one of the best trips I’ve ever made. It was a beautiful and valuable hiking tour through one of the […]