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The most beautiful discoveries of the world can be found here! Discover unknown destinations, paradisiacal islands, unusual visits, amazing and magical places that deserve to be visited and explored. Learn more about the last remaining tribes on Earth, ancient civilizations or customs still in use in some countries. All travel discoveries are accompanied by photos and videos.

Things to do in Netherlands – 27 Most beautiful cities and towns to visit

Of course Amsterdam is on top of things to do in Netherlands. But it is not the only place you should consider when travelling to this country. Although the Netherlands is a relatively small country, there are many great places […]

Bulgaria Holidays – 45 Places to visit in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Holidays – 45 Places to visit in Bulgaria! Holidays in Bulgaria are ideal not only for nature or beach lovers, the country is also filled with lots of amazing sights and cultural places! In fact, it is a country […]

45 Castles In Wales – Visit Welsh Castles – Visit Wales

Wales is a relatively small country in the UK, but in such a small area there are around 600+ castles in Wales! They are either ruined or in perfect condition, but all of them are waiting for your visit. 🙂 […]

UK Holidays – Visiting 15 National Parks in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom boasts countless of interesting places. Your UK Holidays could start with a visit to London, or another popular city but the country has a lot of natural attractions as well. There is a total of 15 National […]