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The most beautiful discoveries of the world can be found here! Discover unknown destinations, paradisiacal islands, unusual visits, amazing and magical places that deserve to be visited and explored. Learn more about the last remaining tribes on Earth, ancient civilizations or customs still in use in some countries. All travel discoveries are accompanied by photos and videos.

Traveling to Germany: The Beauty it Offers

Traveling to Germany? Germany has so many things to offer travelers apart from their reputation as ultimate rule followers. From big urban cities to quaint mountain villages you are sure to find something to satisfy whatever adventure your wanderlust is […]

Suchá Belá – the most famous gorge in the Slovak Paradise National Park

Suchá Belá is the name of perhaps the most famous gorge in the Slovak Paradise National Park. It is also one of the largest and most beautiful gorges, which can be accessed thanks to a numerous ladders, walkways, bridges and […]

Prielom Hornádu – 16 km long canyon in the Slovak Paradise National Park

Prielom Hornádu is approximately 16 km long canyon located in the Slovak Paradise National Park. It begins in Hrabušice-Podlesok and ends in Smižany village. The hiking trail takes you to the amazing nature, along the upper part of the river […]

15 unbelievably beautiful places to visit in Slovakia

Slovakia is full of amazing places. It is an ideal country if you would like to plan a budget trip and if you like to see medieval towns, visit castles, castle ruins or go hiking. These are just the fifteen […]