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List of Antoni Gaudí buildings – 19 great buildings in pictures and map

Who wouldn’t know the famous architect Antoni Gaudí and his extravagant buildings? Apart from Barcelona he has also designed several other buildings in the city’s surroundings as well as in other parts of Spain. One building was even planned to […]

11 Tips for Day Trips from London

London is amazing city but its surroundings is beautiful, interesting and worth visiting as well. There are many options for Day Trips from London, from castles to cathedrals, to cities, to historic or natural attractions. You can choose any from […]

Day trips from Prague – Visiting fairyland at Chateau Berchtold

Prague offers really a lot to its visitors. But you can make some more memories on Day trips from Prague. You don’t have to travel tens or hundreds of kilometers away to enjoy a beautiful and adventurous trip. Prague is […]

Prague’s Astronomical clock, Orloj, celebrates its 605. anniversary

That’s true, the most famous clock in the world, Orloj, celebrates its 605. anniversary today! Prague’s Astronomical clock is without a doubt one of the extraordinary sights of the Czech capital, admired by millions of tourists every single year. Astronomical […]