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The best areas to stay in Monaco

Where to stay to spend a good time in the principality of Monaco? Discover the best areas to stay in Monaco! Monaco has the reputation of being the hub of jet-setters, oligarchs, wealthy heirs and capital holders, corporate bankers, politicians […]

Visit the Calanques National Park: tips and itinerary ideas

Are you planning to visit Marseille and its surroundings? Treat yourself with an awe-inspiring getaway at the Calanques National Park! Turquoise waters weaving their way through idyllic coves overlooked by towering limestone cliffs of arresting beauty. Visit the Calanques National […]

Visit the Calanques of Cassis, on foot or by boat

Whether you are a hiking aficionado, an avid swimmer, an amateur of underwater diving or simply a fan of breathtaking scenery, treat yourself with a relaxing getaway in the breathtaking Calanques (coves) of Cassis! Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is undoubtedly one of […]

Cheap parking in Marseille: where to park in Marseille?

From the Vieux Port to the Calanques, not to mention pastis and petanque, there’s no mistake, you’re in the Phocaean city! To help you spend a hassle-free weekend in the city, read our tips to easily find a car park […]