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All our articles of the travel guide to plan your stay in your destination from before your departure to your arrival in-destination.

The best area to stay in Crete

Are you planning to spend your holiday in Crete? This guide will help you decide in which city to stay in Crete, one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea! The fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, Crete […]

The best area to stay in Phuket

Are you heading for Thailand during your next holiday? Here are the best places to stay in Phuket Island! Phuket – to be pronounced “poo-ket” – is a southern province of Thailand, which is mainly composed of the island of […]

12 best things to do in Miami

Visit Miami: What are the best things to do and see in the “Magic City”? Miami is in many ways one of the most alluring cities in the United States. A multi-faceted city, it has everything for everyone to enjoy. […]

The best area to stay in Florence

Enjoy the charms of Tuscany, and infuse your trip with blissful romance by staying in the best part of Florence! The capital of Tuscany and Italy’s eighth largest city, Florence has everything to seduce visitors. A charming and romantic city, […]