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All our articles of the travel guide to plan your stay in your destination from before your departure to your arrival in-destination.

Finding cheap parking at London Heathrow airport

Are you looking for a cheap car park near Heathrow airport? Save up to 70% by booking a parking space in one of the low-cost or free car parks located very close to London Heathrow airport. You have a plane […]

Visit the Acropolis of Athens: tickets, rates, and opening times

Are you traveling to mainland Greece? You will most probably visit the iconic Acropolis of Athens. Read our essential mini-guide of the Acropolis! You can see it in all the travel photos of Athens. It easily pops up in one’s […]

The best areas to stay in Taipei

Are you planning a trip to the island of Taiwan? Find out where to stay in Taipei, the Taiwanese capital! If you travel to Taipei, you will be struck by the disconcertingly tranquil atmosphere in the streets and the hospitality […]

The best areas to stay in Hanoi

If you’re traveling to Vietnam, take this opportunity to visit Hanoi. Discover where to stay in Hanoi! Known as “the city between rivers”, Vietnam’s capital is located in the north of the country, in the Red River delta. While Hanoi’s […]