Public transport, car rental & taxis

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To make it easier to get around in your destination, here’s the information you need to take public transport, rent a car and grab a taxi.

Detailed Maps of Athens

Are you going to Athens? To find your way around, use and download maps of Athens ! Athens is a big city, with a lot of things to do scattered around. So if you’re going there for holidays, it will […]

Finding cheap parking at Edinburgh Airport

Are you looking for a cheap parking lot near Edinburgh Airport? Save up to 70% by booking a parking space in one of the low-cost or free parking lots located very close to Edinburgh Airport. You have a plane to […]

Cheap parking in Naples: where to park in Naples?

If you are traveling to Naples by car, you will have to find a solution to park in the city. Here are some tips on how to find a parking spot in Naples. If you spend more than three days […]

Cheap parking in Paris: where to park in Paris?

Where to park in the french capital? Discover the best ways to find cheap parking in Paris! Finding parking in such a heavily congested city as Paris can become a nightmare if you are driving during rush hour or during […]