Public transport, car rental & taxis

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To make it easier to get around in your destination, here’s the information you need to take public transport, rent a car and grab a taxi.

Cheap parking in Naples: where to park in Naples?

If you are traveling to Naples by car, you will have to find a solution to park in the city. Here are some tips on how to find a parking spot in Naples. If you spend more than three days […]

Cheap parking in Lisbon: where to park in Lisbon?

Are you traveling to Lisbon by car or planning to rent a car on location? Find out where the parking lots are situated and what are the traffic rules in Lisbon. If you are planning to stay in Lisbon for […]

Cheap parking in Milan: where to park in Milan?

As in many Italian cities, parking in Milan can quickly become a real obstacle course: specific rules, city tolls, lack of spaces, these are the different solutions to easily find a cheap car park in Milan. Located in the north […]

Cheap parking in Malaga: where to park in Malaga?

Whether you are travelling to Malaga by car or renting one on site, it is essential to know where to park in Malaga for a small budget. If you are going to visit Malaga, it may be interesting to rent […]