Public transport, car rental & taxis

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To make it easier to get around in your destination, here’s the information you need to take public transport, rent a car and grab a taxi.

Cheap parking in Genoa: where to park in Genoa?

Are you going to Genoa to visit Liguria and Italy for several days? Find out which car park to park in while in Genoa! Finding a cheap car park when you want to park for a long time is necessarily […]

Cheap parking in Marseille : where to park at Marseille Provence Airport?

Wondering where to park at Marseille Provence Airport? Save up to 70% by booking a parking space in one of the low-cost or free car parks located very close to Marseille Provence Airport. You have a plane to catch in […]

Cheap parking in Marseille: where to park in Marseille?

From the Vieux Port to the Calanques, not to mention pastis and petanque, there’s no mistake, you’re in the Phocaean city! To help you spend a hassle-free weekend in the city, read our tips to easily find a car park […]

Detailed Maps of Athens

Are you going to Athens? To find your way around, use and download maps of Athens ! Athens is a big city, with a lot of things to do scattered around. So if you’re going there for holidays, it will […]