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All the information you need to know where to stay, and find a cheap hotel or apartment in your destination. What is the best place to stay in each city to sleep quietly, be close to tourist attractions or in the neighbourhood where parties are held? Discover our article folder “where to stay” in each city!

The best area to stay in New York City

A planned stay to the Big Apple? Find the best area to stay in New York City to put your suitcases and enjoy your trip! Dubbed also the “city that never sleeps”, New York is the most populous city in […]

The best area to stay in Singapore

An Asian getaway to visit Singapore, the “garden city”? Here are the best areas to stay in Singapore! Southeast Asian city-state, Singapore is a republic built on an archipelago of 63 islands with a total area of 719.1 km². With […]

The best area to stay in Montreal

Where to stay in Montreal? Discover the best neighborhoods to stay in Montreal to fully enjoy your Quebec getaway! Finding a place to stay in Montreal will expose you to a tough choice because Montreal is home to neighborhoods whose […]

The best area to stay in Los Angeles

What are the places to stay in Los Angeles? Here neighborhood by district, a mini-guide to know where to stay in Los Angeles! Where to stay in Los Angeles, the cosmopolitan, iconic city of cinema, with its arid plains of […]

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