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All the information you need to know where to stay, and find a cheap hotel or apartment in your destination. What is the best place to stay in each city to sleep quietly, be close to tourist attractions or in the neighbourhood where parties are held? Discover our article folder “where to stay” in each city!

The best area to stay in Oslo

Are you heading to Norway, the land of the vikings? Discover the best neighborhoods to stay in Oslo! Located north of Oslofjord, Oslo is the capital of Norway, extending over an area of 454 km². Oslo is Norway’s most populous […]

The best area to stay in La Spezia

Heading to northern Italy and Liguria for your next holiday? Here’s our guide to the best places to stay in La Spezia! A small town in northern Italy with a population of 92,477, La Spezia is wrapped around the “Gulf […]

The best area to stay in Abu Dhabi

Planning a professional or holiday trip to the United arab emirates? Find out about the best quarters to stay in Abu Dhabi! The capital of the United Arab Emirates and the emirate of Abu Dhabi, this eponymous city is home […]

The best area to stay in Miami

Miami: the name itself is deeply evocative. The “magic city” is one of the most touristic cities in the United States. Discover the best neighborhoods to stay in Miami! Everyone dreams of visiting Miami! With its ideal climate all year […]