Where to stay, find a hotel, an apartment

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All the information you need to know where to stay, and find a cheap hotel or apartment in your destination. What is the best place to stay in each city to sleep quietly, be close to tourist attractions or in the neighbourhood where parties are held? Discover our article folder “where to stay” in each city!

The best area to stay in Bangkok

Where to stay in Bangkok, the gateway to Southeast Asia? Here are the best neighbourhoods to stay in the Thai capital! Bangkok, Thailand’s sprawling capital, is truly disconcerting to the traveller who has just landed at the airport for the […]

The best area to stay in Dublin

Find an accommodation in Dublin that suits you, and discover the charms of Ireland in the Irish capital! Here are the best areas to stay in Dublin! Are you planning to stay in ancient Celtic territory? Dublin, capital of the […]

The best area to stay in Brussels

Where to find accommodation in Brussels during your stay? Neighbourhood by neighbourhood, here are the best places to stay in the Belgian capital! You won’t have too much trouble finding accommodation in Brussels, the “capital of the European Union, beer, […]

The best area to stay in Lisbon

Are you coming to the Portuguese capital soon? Here are the best areas to stay in Lisbon, and where to book your accommodation. A « world city » listed as one of the world’s most influential globalised cities, Lisbon is […]