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How to get from Athens to Mykonos by ferry?

Are you planning a trip to Mykonos? Find out how to reach the most famous of the Cyclades Islands by ferry from Athens. If you’re keen to mingle with cashed-up fashionistas, cruise-ship crowds, beach club aficionados, and the like, the […]

How to get from Marseille to Sardinia by ferry?

How about this summer, we go to Sardinia? Discover our mini-guide to go to Sardinia from Marseille by ferry! The second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and Italy, Sardinia – 1.65 million inhabitants (2017) spread over 24,090 km² – […]

How to get from Toulon to Sardinia by ferry?

Rather than Sicily or Corsica, if you were to go to Sardinia? Here is our mini-guide to go to Sardinia from Toulon by ferry! A small island sometimes forgotten by tourists and sheltered from mass tourism – which makes it […]

How to get to Crete from Athens by ferry?

Are you going to visit Greece and the Greek islands of the Mediterranean Sea? Follow the guide to go from Athens to Crete by ferry! After a road trip through the Balkans and mainland Greece, do you want to continue […]