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The Internet is an inexhaustible source of travel information. Discover the best travel blogs, with tips, advices, the best flights and hotels aggregators, with reviews and tests. Surf on the new web tools, such as new applications to travel better and make your trip easier in-destination.

The Top Games Apps for Travelers

The essential kit for any traveler on the road always used to be passport, tickets and credit card as you could still pretty much survive with those three items even if your bag went missing on a flight or was […]

Review: What to do with your travel photos? Try a photobook from Saal Digital!

This is an honest review of Saal Digital photobook! I am a big fan of photography and during the last 10 years, I took around 150,000 pictures, better or worse ones. Some of them became quite popular with thousands of […]

Tips for a Dog-Friendly British Holiday

More of us than ever before are taking our dogs with us when we travel, but such a trip is not without its issues. After all, much as we’d like, many hotels, restaurants and more simply won’t permit dogs. However, […]