Chateau Lány – summer residence of the Czech presidents

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Chateau Lány is a Baroque manor situated in the village of Lány not far from Prague. It is used as the summer residence of presidents of former Czechoslovakia and now the presidents of the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately Chateau Lány is usually closed to the public. However you can visit its large park and greenhouse. It is a great day trip from Prague. Below you will find more information about this wonderful piece of architecture.

Changing guards at Chateau Lány, The Czech Republic
Changing guards

History of Chateau Lány

Its history dates back to 1392, when it is mentioned as a fortress, a seat of Hašek from Lány. Since 1589 it was part of the royal dominion Křivoklát. Later a new Renaissance castle was built on a site of the fortress.

It was used as a summer house of the emperor during his visits in the forests that surround the chateau. In 1652 the castle was rebuilt into the early Baroque style and later it was enhanced with two additional floors.

Huge Garden Pump at Chateau Lány, The Czech Republic
Huge Garden Pump

Chateau Lány – The final resting place of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

Since 1918 Chateau Lány has been owned by the Czech Republic. It was rebuilt by Slovene architect Jože Plečnik to serve as the summer residence of presidents.

The hunting opportunity was one of the reasons why Chateau Lány was chosen as the summer residence for the head of the new state. Another advantage was its proximity to Prague, the beauty of the area of Křivoklát forests and suitable furnishing.

Pond at Chateau Lány, The Czech Republic

The first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, was very fond of Lany castle. He considered Lany his home and spent a lot of time here both working as well as relaxing.

After his resignation in 1935, he moved permanently to Chateau Lány together with his family. He finally chose local cemetery as the final resting place.

Tropical greenhouse, Chateau Lány, The Czech Republic
Tropical greenhouse

When you choose Chateau Lány for your day trip from Prague you will not be disappointed. We visited this place in September 2014 and it was really quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

There was so much to see and do in the park. Once you have enough of Prague’s touristy atmosphere, remember this place and chances are you will not meet anyone here.

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Lion fountain at Chateau Lány, The Czech Republic
Lion fountain

Large park at Chateau Lány, The Czech Republic
Large park

Wedding photography at Chateau Lány, The Czech Republic
Wedding photography

Large park, Chateau Lány, The Czech Republic
Large park

Large park with stream, Chateau Lány, The Czech Republic
Large park with stream

Secured Gate, Chateau Lány, The Czech Republic
Secured Gate

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