Finding cheap parking at London Stansted airport


Are you looking for a cheap car park near London Stansted airport? Save up to 70% by booking a parking space in one of the low-cost or free car parks located very close to London Stansted airport.

You have a plane to catch from London Stansted airport, but you don’t know where to park your car? The official airport parking lot is full? Or perhaps you find the rates are too expensive? There is a simple and economical solution that allows you to leave your vehicle in a cheap car park near London Stansted airport.

Stansted is the farthest airport from London and is located 35 miles from central London. Popular with its low-cost airlines such as Luton, London Stansted Airport welcomes millions of visitors every year (25 million in 2015).

Book a cheap car park at London Stansted airport

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to park your car near London Stansted airport? You’ve come to the right place! Indeed, there is a multitude of cheap car parks near London Stansted airport where you can leave your vehicle for the duration of your trip.

The price of a car park varies from about 3£ to 10£ per day depending on the location and duration of the parking. On average, you will save between 40% and 70% when you book your cheap car park near London Stansted airport. Definitely worth it, especially when you are going on holiday.

Book a cheap car park at London Stansted airport

Cheap but secure parking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Saving on the price of airport parking is not synonymous with poor quality service, quite the contrary. The parking spaces are fully secured, enclosed, and sometimes covered. Also, the platform on which you book provides 24/7 customer service. If your return flight arrives late at night, the shuttle service between the airport and the car park will still be running.

Concerning the duration of parking, the longer you stay, the less you will pay per day. Note that if your car is parked for a long time in a car park near London Stansted airport, you can, under specific terms and conditions, benefit from free parking (read below).

Where is this cheaper parking lot at London Stansted airport located?

You will find several cheap car parks around London Stansted airport. You are sure to find a parking space at any time of the year.

These low-cost car parks are generally located between 2 and 7 minutes away by shuttle from the terminal. The shuttles are free and leave typically every 15 to 20 minutes from the car park, so you won’t have to wait long between the time you drop off your car in the car park and the time you board the shuttle to London Stansted airport.

Book a cheap car park at London Stansted airport

Free parking at London Stansted airport

Free parking at London Stansted airport

Credit photo : Flickr – Aero Icarus

To avoid having to pay for your parking space at London Stansted airport, there is a simple way to take advantage of a free parking space near London Stansted airport. When you book online, you have the option of renting out your vehicle while you are away, provided that your vehicle is less than seven years old and has less than 83.8851 mi of mileage.

Your car is then rented out and will benefit from fully comprehensive insurance. In other words, you don’t have to take any action with your insurer. When necessary, a free shuttle bus will drop you off at the airport terminal and pick you up when you return.

Whether or not you are driving a rented car, parking near London Stansted airport will be free. If you have agreed to rent out your car, you will be paid according to the mileage. The amount depends on the model and age of your vehicle.

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