Christmas in Košice – enjoy perfect Christmas atmosphere in the most beautiful city in Slovakia


That’s right, Christmas has already come even to the most beautiful city in Slovakia – Košice. And made this city even nicer as it was before. Christmas trees, beautiful lighting decoration, sweet aroma of hot wine, Christmas punch or local mead, baked sausages and chestnuts and the rich cultural program.

The atmosphere is really lively and lovely. While strolling the streets I heard English, German, Russian as well as other languages that I was not able to recognize. But the most people here were locals which is a guarantee of enjoying the real local atmosphere.

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 10
Christmas in Košice

To visit Košice check Wizzair lowcost airlines that offers direct regular flights from Milan (Bergamo) (not anymore), Bristol, London Luton and Doncaster/Sheffield. Or you can come by train from Budapest, Prague or Bratislava (check luxury but cheap trains).

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 11
Christmas in Košice

Thousands of visitors from Košice and its surroundings fill Hlavná street every day to enjoy Christmas time along with tasting some of the most popular drinks here which are without a doubt Christmas punch, hot mead or hot wine.

There are lots of stalls with home made products and crafts as well. You can donate to the schools or other non profit organization by buying a Christmas punch at some of the official city’s stalls.

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 9
Christmas in Košice

It seems that every year it is nicer and nicer here and a perfect program is already its necessary part. The main Christmas tree is 20 meters high this year and is well decorated by hundreds of lights. The Cathedral is lighted and all the fountains around have also some lighting decoration.

Christmas in Košice from above, Slovakia
Christmas in Košice from above, Slovakia by Fotosulovsky / (photo published with author’s prior permission)

The only thing that is still missing and highly awaited here is the snow cover, but hopefully this will change later as the Christmas markets will be waiting for you (and for the snow) until December 23.

Christmas crib is made of wood, but it comes alive every Sunday from 16:00 to 16:30 (don’t miss it!)

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 2
Christmas in Košice

Ice sculptures in Kosice

Eight tons of ice blocks, four artists from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia have arrived to Košice last Friday to create eight big ice sculptures. Over the years Ice sculptures in Košice has become one of the most popular event during Christmas time.

A fabulous Christmas is a theme for this year. All sculptures are illuminated and are really very nice! However the weather is not very good and the temperatures are above freezing point. If you don’t want to miss seeing these wonderful ice sculptures you should come to Košice immediately!

Ice sculpture, Christmas in Košice, Slovakia
Ice sculpture, Christmas in Košice

There are lot of things to do in Košice so you will never be bored here. We have ZOO, Botanical gardens, ski slopes in the hills around the city, lots of sights in the old town center, galleries, museums…

If you have ever thought about visiting Košice, now is the best time to do so. You won’t be disappointed!

More pictures from Christmas in Košice

Angry bird, Ice sculptures, Christmas in Košice, Slovakia
Angry bird, Ice sculptures in Košice

Angel, Ice sculptures, Christmas in Košice, Slovakia
Angel, Ice sculptures in Košice

Olaf, Ice sculptures, Christmas in Košice, Slovakia
Olaf, Ice sculptures in Košice

Košice - city of sport 2016, Ice sculpture, Christmas in Košice, Slovakia
Košice – city of sport 2016, Ice sculpture

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia
Christmas in Košice, Slovakia

Christmas markets, Christmas in Košice, Slovakia
Christmas markets

Refreshment, Christmas in Košice, Slovakia

Ice sculptures, Christmas in Košice, Slovakia
Ice sculptures

Seat, Ice sculptures, Christmas in Košice, Slovakia
Seat, Ice sculptures in Košice

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 12
Christmas in Košice

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 7
Christmas in Košice

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 8
Christmas in Košice

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 6
Christmas in Košice

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 5
Christmas in Košice

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 4
Christmas in Košice

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 3
Christmas in Košice

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia 1
Christmas in Košice

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  1. Wow! Such an amazing Christmas decor – love the snow flakes lights 🙂

  2. What lovely holiday decorations. I had no idea that there were so many light displays, or ice sculptures (beautifully lit too.) I hope to get to Slovakia within two years.

  3. I’m so very jealous of the beautiful Christmas markets in Europe! America has nothing that compares to those markets. I really need to visit soon!

  4. Wow, it looks absolutely beautiful there! I would love to check out those ice sculptures someday, they look incredible. Great photos 🙂

  5. Love that first night photo with all the lights of the city, so pretty!

  6. Stunning photos, we absolutely loved Slovakia this year and although we only really saw the capital and the surroundings we would love to see more and imagine it to be lovely at Christmas too.

    • Julius Szabo

      There are much better places to visit in Slovakia than its capital! Next time try to visit some National Parks here and mainly in eastern Slovakia.

  7. Wow, what a beautiful Christmas one can have in this town of Kosice! Your pictures make the holiday atmosphere come alive. Thanks!

  8. I am not a fan of Christmas (for a number of reasons) but I must admit that your pictures made me reconsider! Unfortunately there are no flights to Slovakia from where I live and it would end up very expensive for me to travel there 🙁

  9. How beautiful! I love seeing how the holidays dress up the entire world! It’s like we are all united in celebrating! Beautiful pictures!

    • Julius Szabo

      Well, yes, such a lighting and Christmas celebrating with presents came to Europe and probably to other corners of the world from USA in the early 20th century. So this is why it looks so similar and united. I think that the difference is only in the local products you can buy on each Christmas markets. 🙂

  10. This looks beautiful! I miss Christmas in the cold (I’m from NZ). We just don’t celebrate as big as everyone else 🙁

    • Julius Szabo

      That’s true Anita, Christmas with snow is much better than Christmas during the summer, I suppose (although I would like to see Christmas in summer as well, I have never seen it). But… today the “cold” in Europe is not like it used to be here in the past. So the snow is still missing…

  11. Wow, just look at that view from the top of Košice, amazing! Christmas is in the air.

    • Julius Szabo

      Actually the picture of Kosice from the air is definitely unique and one of the best (if not the best at all) photo of Kosice so far.

  12. Beautiful pictures! It’s always so hard to capture the wander of christmas markets but you’ve done a great job 🙂

  13. This is SO nice! I can’t believe I’ve never been to Slovakia, I definitely should rectify this!!I am looking for a nice European destination for the spring and this post just gave me an idea: I know the lights will be gone but it seems a really cool place no matter the time of the year

    • Julius Szabo

      That’s true, Marta, there are many events throughout the year in the city of Kosice, which can be interesting for you. The city days start the 1st of May which is a great festival in spring time. But Easter is good here as well! Let me know, once you are here, I can show you around! 🙂

  14. The majority of Czechs are self-professed atheists, Slovaks a lot less so, so it is nice to see some of the holiday traditions are being preserved even if most of the rituals are pagan, and very much linked with Roman cults.

    • Julius Szabo

      That’s true, Milosz! I absolutely agree with you! It is good to have some holiday traditions, however I suppose that when the tradition is religious one, it shouldn’t be transferred to business.

  15. Wow, amazing place indeed! I have only visited Bratislava, but I am sure Košice is even more beautiful. Any ideas how I can get there from Bulgaria in the cheapest way? 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      Good but very easy question, Svet! The answer is Wizzair!

      25.2.2016 Sofia -> Milan/Bergamo: 6:40-7:45 for 15,-euro
      26.2.2016 Milan/Bergamo -> Kosice: 21:25-23:10 for 8,-euro
      You will need to spend a night in Bergamo, which is great because it is amazing city! Do not go to Milan, but rather make a tour around Bergamo!

      And then back

      29.2.2016 Kosice -> Milan/Bergamo: 19:05 – 20:55 for 8,-euro
      1.3.2016 Milan/Bergamo -> Sofia: 8:15 – 11:15 for 20,-euro
      Now you can visit also Milan 🙂

      I checked the prices now.

      So three amazing cities in one trip! 🙂

      • Wow, great, thank you! I will definitely consider that. I have been to Bergamo actually and I absolutely loved it! It is much better than Milan :)))

        • Julius Szabo

          Milan is also amazing city, but I prefer smaller ones! They have different atmosphere. 🙂

          • I completely agree with you. Every city has its one-of-a-kind charm 🙂

    • Julius Szabo

      Wizzair cancelled all flights between Milan and Kosice 🙁 so you will need to find another way…

      • Oh, okay, thank you very much for this info and the time to share it! Much appreciated.

  16. Beautiful pics and Wizz Air is a great choice for getting to and from these amazing places.

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