Comino island – The Short on the Tranquil Maltese island of Comino


Comino island – The Short on the Tranquil Maltese island! Comino is the picturesque smaller sister island of Malta and Gozo, which together make up the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Although Malta and Gozo are not particularly large themselves, they completely dwarf Comino, which is a mere 3.5 km² resting between the two larger islands.

However, beauty and allure are definitely not measured in size, and Comino remains an elusive gem to many tourists. This article pays tribute to the splendour of Comino, outlines major historical events and lists its most popular tourist attractions.

Amazing Comino island, Malta
Amazing Comino island, Malta by Skarlo87

Visiting Comino island

Comino is the smallest inhabited island of Malta, spread on an area of 3 square kilometres. Its beautiful nature, beautiful bays and cliffs definitely worth a visit. From Malta or the neighbouring island of Gozo, there are regular boat connections.

When I said inhabited island I wasn’t that right, as there are only 3 permanent residents. However, during the peak season, the island can be really overcrowded.

Blue lagoon in Comino island, Malta
Blue lagoon in Comino island, Malta by DorianPro

There isn’t a lot of accommodation options, I found only one with an apt name – Comino Hotel (Opened from May till end of October) so the island is rather the one-day-trip place.

If you are looking for a romantic holiday, the magical nature of Comino island will definitely not disappoint you. The entire island is a protected nature reserve and it is forbidden to take plants, stones or other natural resources here.

Scuba diver, Comino island, Malta
Scuba diver, Comino island, Malta by 1588877/pixabay

A Short History of Comino island

The name Comino derives from the cumin seed, which was once prolific on the small island. Most notably, from today’s age to centuries ago, Malta has always been best known for its isolation and tranquillity.

For prolonged sections of its history, Comino has either been sparsely populated, privately owned or been completely vacant. During the Roman Times, it was mostly inhabited by farmers, but in the Middle Ages and with the rise in seafaring vessels, Comino became a popular hideout for pirates and looters.

Rock Window, Comino island, Malta
Rock Window, Comino island, Malta by waldomiguez

This was due to Comino’s rugged coastline, which ran jagged with sheer limestone cliffs, providing the ideal coverage for rouge ships. Comino’s many caves and coves were also used by pirates to ambush unsuspecting ships sailing between the islands of Malta and Gozo.

Comino’s early history is also linked to knights. It was used as the hunting ground for the Knights of Malta and in the 16th and 17th century, it became a place of exile for wayward knights, who were given the tedious task of guarding St. Mary’s tower. The tower was built in the 15th century to help spot invasions and to also deter pirates from hiding on the island.

Rocky cost, Comino island, Malta
Rocky cost, Comino island, Malta by D10Dys

Tourist Attractions

Malta only has a handful of permanent residents and the majority of people on the island are just temporary visitors, who stay over at one of the Comino hotels. Large sections of the island are cornered off as a bird sanctuary and nature reserve, making Comino a haven for wildlife.

Because of its tranquillity and crystal clear waters, Comino is an excellent diving spot, although some of the waters are restricted. The most popular attraction is the Blue Lagoon, a postcard bay that boasts crystal clear waters and a stretch of smooth, white sand. Blue Lagoon is considered the most beautiful place in the whole archipelago.

Comino island, Malta
Blue Lagoon, Comino island, Malta by waldomiguez

It’s visited by tourists on a daily basis and is popular with swimmers, snorkelers and divers. Because of its spectacular beauty, Comino has appeared in many films, notably Troy and The Count of Monte Cristo.

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