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Diving Spots in Malta! For avid scuba divers, Malta is the perfect holiday spot with plenty of undersea adventures open to curious sightseers. Skilled swimmers can experience the amazing sights of wreck diving, viewing a variety of sunken ships dating back from WWII. A unique opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up, travel to the Maltese coastline this summer for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore historical remnants preserved in the Malta’s ocean depths.

Divers who have gone to Malta rate the island’s diving spots for its dense population of ship wrecks rather than its critter life. Boasting superb visibility and interesting entrance points, wreck diving in Malta is more suited to experienced aquanauts rather than beginners and can be quite challenging depending on your fitness level.

Cathedral Cave, Wied il-Ghasri, Malta
Cathedral Cave, Wied il-Ghasri, Malta by Silke Baron

Top 3 Deep Wreck Diving Spots in Malta

Qawra Point

Resident to more than one ship wreck, diving at Qawra Point is mandatory if you’re interested in seeing submarines and battleships from the early 1900s. The HMS Stubborn P238 is a wreck that has received a particularly high rating for her magnificent condition.

Built in 1942 by Cammell Laird of Birkenhead, this 66-metre long s-class battle submarine carried a crew of 44 men back in the day and was armed to the teeth with an impressive 13 torpedoes. Lying just 4km off Qawra Point at a maximum depth of 56 metres, the HMS Stubborn is the Titanic of the Mediterranean and well-regarded as the best wreck diving opportunity the island has to offer.

HMS Stubborn, Diving Spots in Malta
HMS Stubborn, Diving Spots in Malta


The Karwela at Gozo is a relatively easy wreck to reach from the shore. First built in 1957, she served in Malta as a passenger ferry for most of her life before she sank for unknown reasons.

Highlights of this wreck diving location include a variety of entrance points into the actual ship, as well as the infamous Volkswagen Beetle sitting on the Karwela’s deck – a landmark that arrived subsequent to the ship’s sinking, no doubt a prank performed by mischievous locals.

Karwela at Gozo, Ship wreck, Diving Spots in Malta
Karwela at Gozo, Ship wreck, Diving Spots in Malta by Malcolm Browne

Xorb l—Ghagin

A wreck diving spot that is only accessible by boat, divers are recommended to go with a reputable scuba instructor for the chance to explore the Blenhein Bomber, a fantastic World War II aircraft that lies beneath Xorb l-Ghagin’s surface.

Making for an absolutely stunning dive, the Blenheim Bomber arrival on the ocean floor is as fascinating as the dive itself. Sent out on a bombing raid in 1941, the aircraft was attacked by the enemy and aborted by its pilot before plummeting to the bottom of the sea where it still sits to this day.

A dive that is reserved for experienced divers only, this underwater piece of WWII memorabilia is as thrilling as they come and well worth the effort to see.

The wreck of a B-17 bomber Citadel of Calvi in Corsica
The wreck of a B-17 bomber Citadel of Calvi in Corsica (we don’t have a picture of Blenhein Bomber in Malta, if you have one, please send us!)

Ship wreck diving in Malta is a sport that has evolved since the 1980s. A tourist attraction that ranges from novice scuba courses to experienced dive spots, the Maltese archipelago is littered with historical landmarks that welcome brave travellers into their murky caverns. A year-round activity, wreck diving in Malta presents an open ended invitation to holiday-makers looking to plan their next vacation.

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