Compare flights and find your cheap plane ticket

How to find a cheap flight ticket?

There are, of course, many flight comparators available online and practically everyone can easily find affordable flight tickets on the internet. Nevertheless, flights remain the highest expense in travelers’ budgets. This is why we have compiled a list of tips to help you book cheap flights.

Finding cheap flight tickets is not an exact science. It requires a minimum of flexibility and a bit of research. If you’re not keen to travel on an all-inclusive trip, read our travel tips and save big.

Finding a cheap flight in a nutshell

  • Be flexible – secondary airports and flexible departure dates and times can save you money
  • Book early – in general, the earlier you book, the more you can save on your flight ticket
  • Low-cost airlines – though they don’t often get good press, cheap flights are synonymous with significant savings
  • Do more research – compare rates to ensure you get the best available offer

Be flexible on your dates

Supply and demand is the gist of it all. Some departure times are more popular – and hence more expensive – than others. Although cheap airline tickets are available during rush hour, you generally need to book well in advance.

Everyone wants to leave at 7 pm on a Friday, a time when flights tend to be quite expensive very quickly. The same applies to Saturday mornings or any other time when it is most convenient to travel. If you can adjust your schedule, try to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday rather than a weekend. Overnight flights are another great way to save on your flight expenses. Not only are tickets often cheaper, but you won’t need to pay for a night in a hotel since you’re up in the air.

Be flexible at your departure and arrival airports

When using the different filters and options of a flight comparator, consider the secondary airports of departure and arrival. Although a main airport may be your convenient departure point, consider looking at the flight rates from a nearby airport, whether for departure or arrival. You’re bound to make significant savings! For example, when you leave Paris to go to New York, remember to look at the flights from Orly, Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, Paris-Beauvais, and on arrival the airports of JFK, Newark, and La Guardia. Don’t forget to take the cost of airport shuttles into consideration.

Avoid days of high departure

Are you traveling on holiday? If you can, book your flight on a public holiday. Not only will you probably save money, but you will also avoid all travelers who are planning to fly the day before the holiday.

Don’t be afraid of email alerts

Email alerts are an excellent way to be kept informed of changes in airline ticket rates. Schedule an alert well in advance, and you will receive an alert on your mailbox as soon as the price of the flight ticket is at its lowest (email alerts are based on data from millions of flights and are therefore reliable).