How does the budget calculator work?

Calculate your minimum travel budget in 30 seconds and 5 steps

If you want to calculate the budget for the “country” in general, leave the “city” column empty.

1Select a destination

2Define the number of travelers and the number of days. Leave “1” in each box to calculate a daily budget per person.

3Indicate whether or not you want to include some or all of the following elements in your budget:

  • Housing
  • Dining
  • Entertainment / Leisure
  • Transportation

4Adapt the calculation to your travel profile: At what level above the minimum budget do you think you situate yourself? Are you a backpacker? A tourist? A comfort-seeking traveler? A luxury aficionado? A Qatari? Each profile is described below.

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What does each profile correspond to?

Thrifty or spendthrift backpacker

You are a backpacker or an adventurer. You travel via low-cost means of transport, and you favor youth hostels, cheap food, and seek to reduce your expenses as much as you can. The amount of your budget is expected to be close to the minimum budget. Between 40% and 100% above the minimum budget, you consider yourself a “spendthrift” backpacker.

Thrifty or spendthrift tourist

This is certainly the most widespread travel profile. You choose hotels with a good price-quality ratio. You enjoy yourself while keeping an eye on your budget limit. Small restaurants, typical visits, but not too much extravagance. Between 100% and 200% above the minimum budget, you are a careful spender. Beyond that, your budget is wider: you allow yourself some unnecessary expenses.

Thrifty or spendthrift comfort-seeking traveler

You have a larger budget than the previous profiles, and you prefer to stay in good hotels or to rent apartments. You enjoy dining in good restaurants, and you don’t say no to a few pleasurable and special activities during your travels. You get around by taxi and go out for a drink regularly. From 5 to 7 times over the minimum budget, you have a comfortable budget, but you prefer to avoid foolish expenses. From 7 to 11 times above, your options are vast.

Moderate luxury, or absolute luxury

You are a luxury aficionado. A regular customer of 4 or 5-star hotels and renowned restaurants, you are used to indulging expensive activities, etc. You don’t really have a budget. However, even in this category, you might be careful about expenses. Thus, if your budget is between 11 to 21 times the minimum budget, your expenses remain reasonable. From 21 to 51 times the minimum budget, you have very few budget limits.


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Traveltipy legally uses data from many recognized, and reliable sources such as government websites in particular, as well as well-known indexes. These sources are listed below:

Can I rely on this data?

What does the result mean in practice?

For each destination, the result corresponds to the minimum amount to be spent for each budget. That is to say:

– Accommodation : Youth hostel, discount hotel (count 1 night per day, e.g. 2 days = 2 nights, 3 days = 3 n…)
– Catering: supermarket shopping for two meals at low prices
– Entertainment: a drink in a bar or an entry ticket for a tourist activity
– Transport: 1 bus or metro ticket

For each destination, the budget calculator gives you the minimum subsistence level budget. It is then up to you to adapt the result to match with your needs!

How does Traveltipy make sure these estimates match the reality on site?

By combining all the data from the sources mentioned above, and carrying out a series of calculations, the Traveltipy team has created its own index, which applies to each destination.

The combination of all these data and indexes allows us to obtain figures that are close to reality. Thanks to its travel experience in more than 30 countries around the world, the Traveltipy team was able to test, verify, and adjust the figures obtained by the travel budget calculator.

However, Traveltipy does not guarantee the results generated by the budget calculator. Our findings should not be taken for granted, as the cost of living is always to subject to variations. Traveltipy’s data may contain errors or misleading information. If you think this is the case, please don’t hesitate to send a message to the Traveltipy team, and explain your problem.

Why a holiday budget calculator?

Traveltipy was born out of the challenge of finding information on the cost of living in a country, and more specifically in a city.

Of course, you can ask around and find out about other people’s personal experiences. But these experiences only give you an idea of what you can expect. Depending on the purpose of your trip, or your lifestyle, for example, your expenses will differ from other travelers’ costs. In addition, many websites offer obsolete information: they don’t take into account the fact that the standards of living may have changed for various reasons.

The information we provide on the Traveltipy website is updated regularly. Our team is working to increase the number of destinations, and to give a result that adapts to your travel profile so that the estimated budget is as accurate as possible.

Note that the budget calculator does not take into account the cost of your travel to and from your destination. We calculate an estimate of the budget you will need to plan on site.