The Hunter Valley: Australia’s premier wine regions

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The Hunter Valley is an iconic Sydney weekend destinations. It is also known worldwide for producing some of Australia’s finest wines, especially their Semillon, which has won many prestigious global wine awards.

Paired with gorgeous gourmet food and a close proximity to Sydney, the Hunter Valley remains as Australia’s most visited wine regions! This weekend escape also offers beautiful scenery amongst a spectacular Australian country landscape.

The Hunter Valley, Australia
The Hunter Valley, Australia by Phil Symonds

Activities in Hunter Valley

Whether you’re after a fine wine tasting experience, a long rustic lunch, or a few rounds of golf, the Hunter Valley is primed to satisfy your taste, smell, and sight senses. Quietly drive yourself between the many cellar doors offering wine tastings with lunch, or book yourself on a guided tour, where you’ll be able to enjoy drinking wine without the stress of also driving.

Also consider bike riding between the different vineyards. With an exceptional range of food and fresh produce, a trip to the Hunter valley will give you the opportunity to experience the charm, wonder, and fruits of rural countryside Australia.

A Hunter Valley vineyard, Australia
A Hunter Valley vineyard, Australia by F Delventhal


The Hunter Valley is specifically famed for their world-class white Semillons and red Shirazs. Each of these grape varieties thrive in the fertile Hunter Valley soils, you’re definitely able to taste the distinctive Hunter terroir in every sip.

Tyrrell’s Wines

Established in 1858, Tyrrell’s hunter valley vineyard is the oldest vineyard in the Valley. Take a stroll throughout their huge vintage cellar. Tyrrell’s is definitely a must visit vineyard.

Tyrrell's Wines, Hunter Valley, Australia
Tyrrell’s Wines by eGuide Travel

Hanwood Estate

Hanwood is another renowned hunter valley vineyard, offering a beautiful cellar door with lots of space for a picnic under their great Fig Tree.

Tulloch Wines

Another of the Hunter Valley’s oldest vineyards, Tulloch Wines was established in 1895. The Tulloch story continues to this day, the proud Tulloch wine making traditions and pride continues to this day. Tulloch is especially renowned for their Semillon and Chardonnay white wines.

Semillon wine grape
Semillon wine grape by Megan Mallen

Getting there

To access this sublime wine growing region, you’ll need to book a flight to Sydney, which is the Hunter Valley’s closest major city. Once you’ve arrived in Sydney, you can decide to explore the Hunter by yourself, or explore it on a guided bus tour.

If you decide to explore the hunter alone, you’re best off hiring a car for a couple of days. Accommodation in the Hunter Valley is quite varied with quaint bed & breakfasts, cosy motels and farm stays all within a stone’s throw away from each other.

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