An Introduction to New Zealand


So you’ve heard a little about New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud? Yes, we’ve all seen postcards of New Zealand’s stunning mountain ranges, its absurd volcanic activity, rolling green hills and its giant rivers of ice glaciers.

Yes, New Zealand may be one of the harshest, coldest and under-explored places on earth, however, with a large range of cheap flights available for all, accessing even the most remote areas of this island has never been easier.

Wairēinga/Bridal Veil Falls, North Island, New Zealand
Wairēinga/Bridal Veil Falls, North Island, New Zealand by Abaconda Management Group

An Introduction to New Zealand

The North Island

First things first. New Zealand is actually two islands. The North Island and the South Island. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, the North Island is much warmer than the Southern Island.

The North Island is home to most of New Zealand’s population, who reside in the cities of Auckland, Wellington or Hamilton. As the warmer and cosier side to New Zealand, the North is perfect for relaxing and exploring the quirky urban side of this diverse country.

Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
Auckland, North Island, New Zealand by Francisco Anzola

In the cities of New Zealand you will find a tourists’ paradise. Give Auckland a try. Auckland’s CBD is mainly a commerce district, so consider traveling around Auckland’s inner suburbs, where you’ll discover cool bars, a trendy youth culture all held within a cultural melting pot.

Don’t forget to try one their iconic flat whites before you hit up the rugged and remote areas of New Zealand.

Emerald Lakes, North Island, New Zealand
Emerald Lakes, North Island, New Zealand by Marcus Holland-Moritz

The South Island

The Southern island represents the tougher, rugged, and harsher side of New Zealand. Featuring the mountainous attractions such as Mt Cook, The Remarkables, The Southern Alps and Milford Sound, the Southern island is the place to visit if you’re enthusiastic to test yourself and explore the world’s roughest terrain.

Because of the extreme climate and terrain which dominates the southern landscape, there aren’t many suitable locations to position a city! We recommend flying into Queenstown, which will serve as the perfect base from where to explore the natural wonders of New Zealand’s South Island.

Dans Paddock, Otago, South Island, New Zealand
Dans Paddock, Otago, South Island by Tom Hall

From Queenstown, the iconic sights of Aoraki (Mt Cook), The Remarkables, and Milford Sound are all within a drivable distance. Each of these wondrous natural formations is part New Zealand’s Southern Alps, which surrounds Queenstown on all sides.

Definitely consider a trip to some of New Zealand’s world-class glaciers. The Glaciers such as Fox Glacier, the Rob Roy glacier and the Tasman Glacier are each just a couple of hours from Queenstown and are some of the most accessible Glaciers in the world.

Fox Glacier, West Coast, New Zealand
Fox Glacier, West Coast by Silas Wan

New Zealand is one of the most remote countries on earth, and is thankfully easily accessible from Australia – it’s just across the Tasman Sea.

With such an incredible wonder so close to Australia, New Zealand is perfectly positioned for a quick and cheap weekend trip.

Aoraki over Lake Pukaki, South Island, New Zealand
Aoraki over Lake Pukaki, South Island by Marcus Holland-Moritz

Whether you’re after the cosier and relaxed North Island, or the rugged and extreme South Island, New Zealand has something new to offer for all looking for an easy, but wild weekend adventure.

Cathedral Cove, North Island, New Zealand
Cathedral Cove, North Island by Tom Hall

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