How to get from Marseille to Sardinia by ferry?

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How about this summer, we go to Sardinia? Discover our mini-guide to go to Sardinia from Marseille by ferry!

The second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and Italy, Sardinia – 1.65 million inhabitants (2017) spread over 24,090 km² – is separated from Corsica by the mouths of Bonifacio and Italy by the Tyrrhenian Sea, and is located in the north of Tunisia.

Marked by a millenary history that has forged a very strong island identity and a very rich cultural heritage, Sardinia attracts more and more travelers, although the island is often ignored in favor of Corsica or very popular Sicily.

As a windfall effect, it is a less touristy Sardinia that you will find from Olbia to Cagliari, from Alghero to Carbonia. Despite a growing tourist development on the coast, the island retains a protected landscape and a preserved heritage inland.

Going to Sardinia from Marseille by ferry is a travel solution that allows you to put your own vehicle in the hold, in order to drive along the island’s roads after a 17 hour crossing and visit the most beautiful sites that cannot be ignored: Alghero, Cagliari, Cala Gonone, the Maddalena Islands, the Costa Verde, Ogliastra, the Asinara National Park, etc.

Are you motivated? Here is how to reach Sardinia from Marseille by ferry!

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Ferry companies linking Sardinia to Marseille

How to get from Marseille to Sardinia by ferry?

Until recently, it was necessary to make a stopover in Corsica with disembarkation in Bastia or Ajaccio and embarkation in Bonifacio or Porto-Vecchio to be able to go by ferry to Sardinia. There is now a direct sea route from the port of Marseille to Porto Torres.

The French company Corsica Linea, in partnership with La Méridionale, makes the direct journey once a week, all year round. The only difference between the two is that the Corsica Linea line is direct, while the La Méridionale line stops at Propriano in Corsica.

In all, 3 crossings per month are possible in low season, and up to 7 per month in high season.

The ships depart early in the evening for the port of Marseille at 6:30 pm, and arrive at the port of Porto Torres the next day at 11:30 am. There are also crossings with departure in the morning and disembarkation in the evening (the trip lasts about 10 hours during the day against 17 hours at night). The stopover in Propriano, if you choose La Méridionale, lasts only 1 hour.

Compare ferry prices in Sardinia with Direct Ferries

Plan a ferry trip in Sardinia with Direct Ferries

How to get from Marseille to Sardinia by ferry?

Rather than going to the websites of both companies to find the most suitable crossing, why not consult a ferry crossing comparison service to make it easier to book your ticket?

You probably know about Rentalcars for car rentals, Skyscanner to compare flights, here is Direct Ferries, a search engine that allows you to see in a few clicks the available routes for ferry crossings. The platform allows you to find the best rates – at the agreed times – as close as possible to your initially specified dates.

Can’t you go to Sardinia by ferry from Marseille? The Italian company Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) has a route from Genoa to Olbia. If there are more trips available, however, it will be necessary to drive to Genoa. In France, you can also take a ferry to Sardinia from Corsica, Nice and Toulon.

How to book your ferry trip to Sardinia from Marseille?

How to get from Marseille to Sardinia by ferry?

If your holiday dates are already set, why not book your ticket in advance? Prices – as for airline tickets – can fluctuate rapidly and rarely adjust downwards, especially when the summer season is fast approaching or when you are already in the middle of the high season.

It is of course easy to book your ticket online. On the Direct Ferries website, you start by entering your desired travel dates, number of passengers, number of animals, any pets, desired times, then the vehicle (type, make, model of vehicle): car, bicycle, camper van, van, or pedestrian passenger, without vehicle.

Then, you will compare the different prices obtained by the search engine. At the time of writing, there is only one crossing available per search (logical, with only one trip per week…), which limits the choice.

Unfortunately, tickets to Sardinia by ferry from Marseille are much more expensive than tickets to Olbia from Genoa. It may be interesting to assess whether the kilometric costs (petrol and tolls) to Genoa remain below the price for leaving Marseille. You then have the possibility to book a cabin (optional, but you will have to sleep on the deck of the boat without the cabin) and a seat.

Both companies, Corsica Linea and La Méridionale, offer discounts and offers every Sunday during the summer season. For example:

  • Prima Sardegna promotion: up to 50% discount on the base ticket price
  • Family fare: 25% discount on transport for parents travelling with at least one child
  • Senior rate: 25% discount for people over 60 years old
  • Free for children under 4 years old

Before proceeding with payment, there is one option to choose: free cancellation insurance. It’s up to you, but it allows you to cancel up to 48 hours before departure with a full refund. Given the price of the ticket, it may be advisable to subscribe to it in the event that a fortuitous event occurs.

Compare ferry prices in Sardinia with Direct Ferries

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