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I have lived in this city for all my life and over the years I have come to realise how beautiful of a city it really is. I have been working with Lazuli Apartments for some time now, and I’ve had the chance to get in touch with many people that have come over for holidays, business trips and a whole lot more reasons. I have been wondering for years past why would people visit my city and now I realise that this city can be a tourist’s paradise.

The Mediterranean region is one to explore from side to side as it is a more than exciting experience. The beauty is something that is breathtaking, all over the region.

Colors of Larnaca Cyprus
Colors of Larnaca Cyprus by Sergey Galyonkin

Cyprus is one of the places that feature the Mediterranean beauty, especially in the city of Larnaca. The beautiful beaches and the landscape surrounding those beautiful beaches. A recent update to the city has transformed it from beautiful to gorgeous.

This is a city that is treated with care by the people running it. The newly developed beach-front and additions to the city give a whole new experience to the visitors.

Larnaca church, Cyprus
Larnaca church, Cyprus by Jesús Pérez

Once visitors arrive in Cyprus they find themselves at the airport which is located in Larnaca and they can enter the city in a matter of minutes since it is very close to the airport.

There are many things to do and lots of things to see. Maybe so many things that you will need a lifetime to see everything. Therefore, let us start with some of the many ways to spend your mornings in the beautiful city of Larnaca.

Pubs in Larnaca, Cyprus
Pubs in Larnaca, Cyprus by Jesús Pérez

Mackenzie Beach in the Morning

The Mackenzie area has become a hotspot for people from all over Cyprus. People from all over the island, locals included visit the Mackenzie area, especially in the summer as the area, in recent years, has become a hub of lifestyle that exists nowhere else on the island.

The combination of all-day lounges, the beautiful beach and the amazing restaurants makes the Mackenzie area the place to be, especially during a sunny morning. It is an experience by itself. From a relaxing day at the beach, you will be more energized than ever and ready for the rest of your day!

Mackenzie area in the morning, Larnaca, Cyprus
Mackenzie area in the morning, Larnaca, Cyprus

Refreshing Walks

If you are looking for a more traditional route around the city you could take a walk through the picturesque old city. Your Journey through the city can start from the updated sea-front walking area that stretches from the area of Tasos Mitsopoulos up to the old Piale Pasha avenue reaching the Medieval castle and the Finikoudes beach and avenue.

The merge of the sea and the city is something beautiful, and something everyone visiting Larnaca and the Island in general should experience. Take a stroll beside the waves and explore the city from the most beautiful spot of it.

With the horizon on the one side and an array of restaurants and activities on the other, discover this place piece by beautiful piece. A walk across this amazing promenade will clear your head from everything that goes on in the world and connects you with the Mediterranean breeze and the world around you, and it is a beautiful one.

Colorful Larnaca, Cyprus
Colorful Larnaca, Cyprus by Sergey Galyonkin

Brunching at Finikoudes

Possibly the most famous place in Larnaca is the Finikoudes sea-front. It is one of the places you can’t miss when you visit Larnaca. It is a place where you can find everything.

Of course, you can wind up at the beach, get a coffee at one of the awesome cafés on the other side of the beach, grab a bite at one of the restaurants scattered all over the avenue. Larnaca always remains up-to-date with popular trends from around the world, one being the most recent one ‘brunching’.

And of course, Larnaca will not be left behind with anything that has to do with food! Finikoudes being one of the most diverse places in the city, it combines both tradition and modernism, especially with its restaurants and taverns. Ask for anything and you will get it!

Seaside Avenue Foinikoudes, Larnaca, Cyprus
Seaside Avenue Foinikoudes, Larnaca, Cyprus by Tsiapinis


Who can say no to an early morning shopping therapy? Get your entire shopping energy boost early in the morning and leave the rest of the day for the rest of your exciting activities. The shopping district is located behind the restaurants and cafe strip.

At the shopping district, you will have access to everything you would find in a mall but situated in a road long shopping adventure. You can find many boutiques with clothes and international clothing shops like Zara, Bershka and everything in between.

If you are on the search for your next gadget then you can find the most famous electronics store in Cyprus, called Public. If you are lucky enough, on Saturdays you could visit the traditional market set up in the shopping district area, which is a tradition that has been going on for decades now.

Larnaca, Cyprus
Larnaca, Cyprus by A.Savin


Nothing beats visiting our ancient monuments than in a Sunday morning. From the Ancient Kition to the Saint Lazarus church you will be able to discover years and years of the history of the city and the island in general.

You will be able to find hotspots of history all throughout the city and go back in the years where history was not even called history, and discover the rich past of this small city.

Saint Lazarus church, Larnaca, Cyprus
Saint Lazarus church, Larnaca, Cyprus

If you want a city that combines everything then this is it. Once you visit you will enter a world of relaxation and fun while having the chance to experience one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean. I love my city and you will it too.

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