50 of the Most beautiful places in Slovenia – Things to do in Slovenia

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26. Olimje

If you want to see one of the oldest European pharmacies then you must visit Olimje. You will find it in the castle tower and is nicely decorated with frescoes. It is a quiet village with a monastery and botanical garden.

Olimje, pharmacy, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Olimje, pharmacy, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Daniel Thornton

27. Lake Cerknica

One of the most interesting places to see in Slovenia is Lake Cerknica, known here as Cerkniško jezero. When the country has a lot of rainfall and snow, then it is the largest lake in the country. But when it does not, it completely disappears. 🙂

Sometimes this lake is in its place for years without any major changes and sometimes it can disappear even for the whole year.

Lake Cerknica, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Lake Cerknica, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Gregor Trampuš

28. Tolmin

Tolmin is situated on the edge of Triglav National Park, which is part of the Julian Alps. The national park is named after the highest massif Triglav boasting a height of 2864 meters above sea level.

However, Tolmin is the lowest point of the Triglav National Park, with just 180 meters above sea level. It is situated amidst two amazing wild rivers Soča and Tolminka, that created stunning valleys and breathtaking scenery. Some of the most beautiful views of Tolmin and the valley with a bright blue river Soča can be enjoyed from the top of Kobala hill – 1080 meters. It is also one of the most popular places among paragliders.

Tolmin, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Tolmin, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Damjan Leban (If you have better photo, please send me to use instead of this one).

29. Bovec

Bovec will surprise you with its perfect visage in style of coastal summer resorts. The town is dominated by a small square where you can find several excellent restaurants, cafes and tourist offices.

Bovec is a place where you can try canyoning on Sušec river, rafting on Soča river, visit Boka waterfall, Krnsko lake or hike through the river canyon Soča, which have fascinating blue colour here.

Boka waterfall near Bovec, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Boka waterfall near Bovec, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Doremo

30. Logarska dolina

Logarska dolina is one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in all of Europe. It is 9 km long, and since 1987 protected as a nature reserve.

Valley can be found in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and it is equipped with the narrow road. The southern part of the valley is where the river Savinja rises to the surface and not far from here is 90 meters high Rinka waterfall.

Logarska dolina, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Logarska dolina, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Qisybay Alibek

31. Robanov kot

I didn’t mention that Logarska dolina is a part of so-called “Solčavsko region” along with two other glacial valleys – Robanov kot and Matkov kot. They are the biggest attraction of this part of Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Kamnik-Savinja Alps with Storžič peak, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Kamnik-Savinja Alps with Storžič peak, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Ziga

32. Trenta Valley

Trenta valley is one of the most important valleys in Slovenia as it is here where the most beautiful river in the country has its source. Which river is it? Do you know? Oh, of course, it is Soča river. 🙂

Trenta Valley, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Trenta Valley, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Mundo Resink

33. Triglav – mountain where every Slovene has to climb

Triglav National Park and its highest peak Triglav (2864m) have both already been mentioned here several times. But it is important to mention that Triglav mountain is a kind of Slovenian pride as well as the country’s symbol!

It is said that every Slovene has to climb up to its top at least once in a lifetime. And it is also said that once you visit Slovenia you must climb up as well. Otherwise, your visit is never complete. 🙂 So do not forget to pack proper boots!

Triglav and Vrata Valley, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Triglav and Vrata Valley, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by chripell

34. Lipica

Lipica is a small village and also a home to the famous and world-renowned Lipica Stud Farm. The history of this farm dates back to the 16th century when the farm gave birth to the Lipizzan horse (now also Slovenian national symbol).

In August you will have the opportunity to visit the farm for free every day from 18:00. Lipica is also one of the most popular tourist resorts in the Kras region, you can find it in the region of Primorsko near the Slovenian-Italian border, just a few kilometres from the Adriatic Sea.

Lipica Stud Farm, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Lipica Stud Farm, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by KLMircea

35. Kras region

Hardly anybody knows that the word “Kras” (or its English version “Karst”) came to the world right from Slovenia. And Slovenians are deservedly proud of it! Slovenia boasts also the first cave in the world that was open for tourists (the first half of the 17th century), it was Vilenica cave.

Kras is a region covering southwestern part of a country and currently it is one of the most visited places in Slovenia. It is, among others, home to two most famous and already mentioned caves – Postojnska jama and UNESCO World Heritage Site Škocjanske jame.

Kras region, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Kras region, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Tiesse

36. Kolpa

If you prefer fresh water swimming then Slovenia has yet something more for you! It’s a river Kolpa that separates two countries – Slovenia and Croatia. If you are scared of wild waters of Soča river, then rather choose Kolpa river. Canoeing here is suitable even for children.

Get out of the busy life and stay in one of the campings around the river!

Kolpa river valley - Slovenia on the left, Croatia on the right, Things to do in Slovenia
Kolpa river valley – Slovenia on the left / Croatia on the right, Things to do in Slovenia by Uroš Novina

37. Sečovlje Salina Nature Park

Do you use salt? Of course, you do! Because everyone does! But have you ever thought about where is the salt coming from? Never mind if not! The Sečovlje Salina Nature Park will show you!

It’s a place where salt is still produced in the same way as it was 700 years ago. Can be interesting, right? 🙂

Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Jarba

38. Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is an important tourist resort and winter and summer sports centre in Slovenia. New hotels, vacation homes, recreational facilities, wellness centres, shops, ski trails and a network of bicycle and hiking trails grew up all around the old village.

The best-known resort of the northern part of Julian Alps is a venue for major international ski competitions. If you are a fan of winter sports then you should probably hear about Vitranc Cup (alpine skiing) and Planica (ski jumping).

View from the town Kranjska Gora, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
View from the town Kranjska Gora, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Michael Gäbler

39. Pokljuka Plateau

Another of great Slovenian winter sports resorts, Pokljuka Plateau is again world renowned for its annual Biathlon World Cup. However, if you are not coming here for this event, you can come anytime and you’ll always find something to do here.

Being a part of Triglav National Park, Pokljuka will surely amaze you with the forest and mountains, amazing nature all around with unforgettable views, quietness, and tradition.

Cottages around hiking and cycling trail in Pokljuka Plateau, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Cottages around hiking and cycling trail in Pokljuka Plateau, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Erik Paakspuu

40. Babič mill on Mura River

A long time passed since the first mill was built on the Mula river. Actually, there were more than 90 of them operating on this river in the past.

However, the only one can still be seen there. 19th century Babič mill is a combined floating mill and Slovenian heritage monument.

Floating mill on river Mura, Things to do in Slovenia
Floating mill on river Mura, Things to do in Slovenia by Z~commonswiki

41. Robidišče

What is the westernmost village in Slovenia? You’re right, it is Robidišče! 🙂 Well, this probably wouldn’t be so interesting if the village wouldn’t be full of stones houses.

Robidišče is also a great base for exploring the Soča valley, Triglav National Park and Venetian Slovenia. As it lies on the borders with Italy, you can easily take a walk to this Slovenian neighbour.

Robidišče, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Robidišče, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Eleassar

42. Virje waterfall

Slovenia is full of fresh water, rivers, lakes and it also boasts numerous (around 300) wonderful waterfalls. If you, like me, are a fan of water then you cannot miss another picturesque waterfall known here as Virje slap.

Virje waterfall, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Virje waterfall, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Ljuba brank

43. Radenci

Radenci is a well-known spa town in the northeastern part of Slovenia. Since a new mineral water source was discovered here back in the 19th century, this resort has become very popular.

It is also a place of annual Three hearts marathon which attracts lots of tourists and sports lovers every single year. Come here in May if you want to see it.

Radenci Spa Resort, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Radenci Spa Resort, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Sava Hotels & Resorts

44. Moravske Toplice

Moravske Toplice thermal spa resort is located near the town of Murska Sobota in the northernmost part of Slovenia. Terme 3000 water park is part of this thermal spa resort and includes 22 indoor and outdoor pools with a total water surface of 5,000 square meters.

You can enjoy water slides or the rarity – black thermal water, which is highly concentrated, turbid, salty with a slight diesel smell.

Terme 3000, Moravske Toplice water park, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Terme 3000, Moravske Toplice water park, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Sava Hotels & Resorts

45. Murska Sobota

Beautiful Renaissance castle with one of the best-preserved castle parks in Slovenia, the most famous regional museum in Slovenia and a great centre of the Prekmurje region! This is Murska Sobota!

Murska Sobota Castle, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Murska Sobota Castle, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Ujambor

46. Goričko Landscape Park

Still in the same region of Prekmurje, you will also find enchanting Goričko Landscape Park. It is full of interesting places to visit such as the largest castle in Slovenia – Grad castle with a beautiful park or old farm houses.

Once here, do not forget to taste a typical local dish – Prekmurje layer cake (prekmurska gibanica).

Grad Castle, Goričko Landscape Park, Most beautiful places in Slovenia
Grad Castle, Goričko Landscape Park, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by breki74

47. Strunjan

Halfway between towns of Izola and Portorož is Strunjan peninsula, which is famous for its white cliffs towering on the coast. Natural park Strunjan, which covers the peninsula, boasts well-preserved nature and a number of small salt pans. These are today a home to many interesting plant and animal species.

The coast is accessible thanks to a system of bridges and paths. The bay of Strunjan is considered the prettiest bay in Slovenia.

Strunjan, Things to do in Slovenia
Strunjan, Things to do in Slovenia by Leonvince

48. Kamnik

We cannot forget to visit even a historical town of Kamnik. It is a beautiful historical town founded already in the 13th century and lies 25 kilometres north of Ljubljana at the river Bistrica.

The town has preserved historical centre, which includes a Franciscan monastery with the Church, the Church of St. Joseph, the ruins of Mali Grad, Dvojna Kapela chapel, ruins of Stari Grad and Zaprice castle complex, which houses a museum and gallery. But one of its main attractions is the surrounding mountains and amazing nature!

Kamnik, Things to do in Slovenia
Kamnik, Things to do in Slovenia by Athena Lao

49. Križna jama cave

If you really want to enjoy and experience some great unforgettable adventure, then you should definitely visit Križna jama cave. Choose a guided tour that suits you best, from 1-hour tour up to 7-hour long tour!

If you really love water, this cave is then something you simply have to visit! The cave is 8 kilometres long and is full of stalactite decorations, underground rivers and contains around 50 underground lakes.

Križna Jama Cave, Things to do in Slovenia
Križna Jama Cave, Things to do in Slovenia by krizna-jama.si

50. Gozd Martuljek

Gozd Martuljek lies 4 km east of Kranjska Gora in the upper valley of the Sava river. In summer Gozd Martuljek is the ideal starting point for walking and hiking trips and in winter for skiing activities.

The ski slope is located only about 500 metres from the resort. Go up to Srednji vrh settlement at the elevation of 100 meters above sea level where you§ll be pleased with amazing views of the peaks of Martuljek. And don§t forget to visit amazing Martuljek waterfalls!

Gozd Martuljek, Things to do in Slovenia
Gozd Martuljek, Things to do in Slovenia by Tiia Monto

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So these are the top places you should visit in Slovenia. Which of them have you already visited and is there any you would like to include on this list? Tell me below in the comments so I could enhance this great list even more! 🙂

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  1. Hi Julius,
    great wonderfull article. I see it from the comments that it is regulatly updated. Slovenia is trully a gem in the middle of the Europe. So many places, each to be looked at more then other. It is hard to make a list not to leave out at least one or two great sites. I see many new suggestions, but one that really shouldn’t miss is for sure Planica. Once (and I am sure soon again) largest ski jump in the world, with new nordic ski center, is a place where traditionally every year ski jumping season is finished. The largest ski jump has also a pipe line attraction to get everyone a thrill of bravest ski jumpers, pardon – ski flyers.

  2. I would add to that list also Slovenska vojna partizanska bolnica, Franja. IT’s a partisansts hospital placed between the rocks in Pasica gorge, worked during 2 world war (1943 – 1945). Worth seeing place!

    • Julius

      Hi Kry, it looks perfect, I will add this place onto the list! Any other tips? 🙂

  3. No matter where you go in Slovenia you are assured of beauty and great hospitality. Ive traveled the world and I can say Slovenia is right up there with Canada and Australia with natural beauty. New years eve in Ljubljana is just magical

    • Julius

      Thank you, Adam, for your great comment. It will certainly inspire others to visit this beautiful country. Have a nice travel life! 🙂

  4. Hi,please tell me about your accommodation “glamping” what is it lik? My husband and I want to travel Slovenia and Croatia next year. Thinking 10 days each. We to nervous to drive in foreign country so will limit ourselves to public transportation. Otherwise we do not enjoy ourselves. We fly from Johannesburg SA. We have limited funds so have to stay economical. Which we always do when traveling abroad. As long as it is safe and clean and close to transport. Can you recommend a travel route please? Fly into what airport? Do 10 days Sloventia. Want to stay a few days in Bled, we love kayaking, fishing,hiking,and cycling if we can. We not great city people. Love nature!! We farmers in SA. Then go down to Croatia 10 days and do a few islands via public transport (a ferry or boat that go in between islands). And definitely spend 2 or more days in Dubrovnik. Thank you.

    • Julius

      Hi Marcia, I have added your request here, so that more people could help you with planning your trip. That glamping accommodation is not mine, unfortunately :), but it is one of the unique accommodation types in Slovenia as well as in Europe. If you love nature this would be ideal for you! 🙂 Although it is not cheap, so if you have limited budget then you have to find something else. There is even a 5-star camping on the lake Bled with reasonable prices.

      It is good decision not to drive here and using public transport instead. Which city are you landing in Europe?

    • Marcia, Slovenia is 100% safe.
      You don’t need to worry about what type of transportation will you take and what place you will visit. People are friendly and most of people speaks English. Similar in CROATIA where they have one of the worlds best coastline.
      Enjoy your trip!


  5. Really nice article about Slovenia! I was there 2 weeks ago with a cruise ship. I did not expect much because the country was not known to me. My husband booked Lake Bled & Ljubljana Tour via http://kopertravel.com/ and I must say it was a very nice experience! I fell in love with this small country and would like to go there again one day.

    • Julius

      Thank you Urshula for your review and tip! It is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Not only for the nature but also for amazing historical sights and romantic towns!

  6. Amazing country indeed. Had the chance to travel to Slovenia twice and I’m glad to say I saw couple of points on your list – Maribor, Ptuj, Kobarid and enjoyed rafting at Soca river. I really hope I will have the chance to go back there and explore more. I can truly say I FEEL sLOVEnia (I even have a shirt that says so).
    Also big fan of your star Petra Majdic 🙂

  7. Hi Julius!
    Great list even for us locals! However, I think you’ve made a mistake providing temperatures of Bohinj lake (no. 7). For instance, at the moment the temperature of water is around 22 degrees.

    Keep up the great work!

    Regards, Matej

    • Julius

      Thank you, Matej, good point. It is nice to see someone is reading my articles. 🙂 As the temperatures are quite changing there throughout the year (last year it was even 25°C, but I assume it was very hot summer there in Slovenia as well as in other parts of Europe), I have rather replaced this information with something more descriptive. 🙂 But I think that Bohinj lake deserves more attention here and should have its own article. 🙂 One short paragraph can’t be enough, however then I need to write about every place in Slovenia… what a challenging but also very nice job! 🙂 As this is definitely the most popular article on my site, I think, I owe this to all Slovenians. 🙂

  8. Add also Križna jama with Grad Snežnik a little further…


    • Julius

      Hi Jurij, thank you for your tip! I have just added Križna jama and few more places onto this amazing list! I can’t believe that it is possible to take 7 hours long tour in this cave! I definitely have to try this!

  9. Hi!

    Very good article! Thank you for showing the world the beauty Slovenia has to offer. I come from South-east region of Slovenia called Dolenjska aka. Lower Carniola. There are some gorgeous sites that could be added to the list like Nova Štifta- Church of the Assumption, Ribnica Castle and the towns Suha roba fair, Črmošnjice fir tree, the lake of Kočevje, Gorjanci Mountains, Trška gora, wine regions in Metlika and Črnomelj, The Vinomer birch trees, Nežica waterfall, Carthusian monastery in Pleterje, Kostel Castle, just to mention some of them . Here’s the link where you can find more of turistic attractions: http://www.slovenia.info/en/Regions/Attractions-/search-predefined.htm?_ctg_regije=41&srch=1&srchtype=predef&searchmode=20&localmode=region&lng=2

    Keep doing a great job!

    Best regards from Ribnica 😉

  10. Julius, great list! I would also recommend more of the north-eastern part of Slovenia….Radenci (mineral water, spa, marathon), Moravske Toplice (very popular spa and a nice village), Murska Sobota (center of the region, nice park and a castle), Goričko landscape park…..this part of Slovenia has also plenty to offer (for instance its cuisine, Prekmurska Gibanica, bujta repa…)even if it is not so known and commercial. I think it is unfairly overshadowed….nonetheless a great effort in putting up this list!

    • Julius

      Hi Rok, thank you for the places you suggested, I have just added all of them into the list! 🙂 They are all really nice!

  11. Wow..I can’t than thank You enough for using my picture of Kolpa river valley (number 36.) You have my deepest gratitude!

    Also, visit Slovenia and I invite you to Bela krajina region (South-Eastern Slovenia) we will be happy to have all of you!

    Best regard, Uroš Novina

    • Julius

      Hi Uroš, your pictures are great, it had to be wonderful looking down the river valley! 🙂 I need to do a round trip around your country and see all these jewels!

      • Thank you for your kind words! I truly appreciate it.

        You might also want to add Spring of Krupa river on the list in Bela krajina, it has become quite popular in the last few years (also on my Flickr profile titled “Spring of Krupa river”) and Spring of Lahinja river (part of Lahinja regional park.

        I live in Bela krajina. I know how left out this region is in almost all tourist promotional material which is a shame. We have lots to see from rivers, to simple streams and karst springs, to caves, castles, Roman ruins, parks, etc.

        So I invite anyone to come 🙂

  12. Hi Julius, great article, too bad you missed almost all of the South-East part of Slovenia. Have some great photos 🙂

    • Julius

      Hi Ksenja, which places do you mean? I’ll add them with pleasure! If you have some great photos of them, and would like to be featured on my site, please send them to me via https://www.facebook.com/traveltipy/ (message or publish a post on timeline) and please add some short description of the place. Thank you!

  13. Hello Julius!
    Wonderful article, I must say! You really picked the gems of our beautiful country and I’m very thankful you chose to write about it. As someone who’s seen a lot of Europe already, I believe Slovenia deserves more media coverage so people can see how beautiful it really is. I added some of my suggestions of more sites you could add under other people’s comments already, but just one thing I’d maybe like to suggest would be that, if possible, you could add more photos next to the most picturesque sites you named (such as Ljubljana (especially Ljubljana), Koper – the view of the whole town, so that it looks more like the island it once was; there are some wonderful photos of aerial view of the city and cruise ships etc., …). I think there are some stunning photos on the internet that you could use for some of these sites and I’m sure it would make them even more attractive as you made them look! ? All in all, a wonderful article and I’m really happy and grateful you wrote about Slovenia so beautifully! Thank you!

    • Julius

      Thank you very much, Alex, for your positive review! Such comments make me more satisfied with my work, it seems like it’s not useless then to spend hours writing and looking for great places. And I also learn a lot of new!

      I added all 4 places you have suggested here! Anything else still missing? 🙂 None of the pictures of Koper from air are free to publish on other sites, or at least I couldn’t find any. I think I have to buy quadrocopter and visit Slovenia! 🙂

      • Hello. This article is great, but you totally forgot to mention Prlekija. It has wonderful landscape with a lot of wineyards. Also from this part of Slovenia come great wine. There also myth about Napoleon crossing these wineyards. While he was drinking wine, he said c’est bon, c’est bon. In french language this means very good. And because of this there is sort of wine called šipon (translated from french language). For more, you should visit this heaven on earth.

  14. wow heaven on earth! but its seem quite expensive, is it?

    • not at all! i’m currently in slovenia and everything is really cheap 🙂

    • It depends on where you come from, but I can clearly say it’s cheaper than all of the countries western of it, all in all, it’s rather very cheap for what it offers you! ?

  15. Great article and Amazing pictures. Slovenia is on my bucket list now

    • Julius

      Thank you! It is really a wonderful country worth visiting!

  16. Dear Julius. As a local coming from Soča valley, I can say that you covered all must-see attractions here. I would add Robidišče village, Virje waterfall. You are more than welcome to experience Herbal Room Homestay when in Soca valley next time. See you around. Vesna

  17. Hello! Great list, nice pictures!

    You should include also Lipica with world famous Lipizzan horses, Kras region, rivers Nadiža and Kolpa, gorgeous Novo Mesto, youngest city in Slovenia Nova Gorica (build right after WW2 by volunteers, because “old” Gorica was given to Italy), Sečovlje (salinas)…

    Huh, we have many nice places 😀

    • Julius

      Thank you, Niko, for the comment and your additional tips. I will definitely update this article with more places because Slovenia is really one of the most beautiful country in Europe (if not the most beautiful at all :)) and this article is so far the most popular one in my web so it deserves more attention! 🙂

      • I agree. Lipica, Kras, Kolpa and Sečovlje should most definetely also be added! ? At least Lipica and Sečovlje! And I would also like to add Planica (the famous ski jumping hill) and speaking of winter sports, you could also mention Pokljuka and Kranjska Gora in there as well ? And maybe next to Lendava you could add in the mill on Mura, I think the only one left in Slovenia.

        • Julius

          The first four places were added, the rest you mentioned will be added soon! Thank you all for your help!

        • Julius

          Ok, Alex, now all the places you suggested are on the list! Thank you, I learnt a lot about Slovenia, the last thing is to come and explore your beautiful country! 🙂

          • Thank you once again for this wonderful article and you are more than welcome to come anytime and explore its beauties!

  18. Oh wauw, seems really like a hidden gem this country! Such amazingly stunning places!

  19. I was thinking of traveling to Slovenia in 2016. Pics n posts like yours are convincing me 😀 Good stuff.

  20. I love Slovenia! There is still so much to see. I only went to Ljubljana and Bled last time but it’s more than enough to know how beautiful thia country is.

    • Julius

      I love sLOVEnia as well! It is very nice country in the middle of Europe.

  21. I am Portuguese living in Slovenia since 2011. I love it. And I suggest you to include kamnika bistrica. It’s perfect place and also has hunting hut summer house designed by plesnik.

    • Julius

      You chose amazing country for your living! 🙂 Thanks for your tip, I’ll definitely add Kamniška Bistrica here as well.

  22. Oh my gosh, these are stunning!! Amazing list. Enjoyed the post, thanks!

  23. Unfortunately most of the photos here don’t do the justice. Otočec for example is extremely picturesque. I would put Kostanjevica na Krki and Jezersko to the very top of the list. Also: Kranjska gora, Mojstrana, Solčava, Štanjel are also missed out. 🙂

    • Julius

      Uf… it means that this list needs some update again 🙂 It seems like Slovenia has so many great places like no other country in Europe 🙂 That’s great, I’ll add these places, thanks, Matic!

  24. Hi Julius!You can add the Solčava Panoramic Road. Take a look to the web site:www.solcavska-panoramska-cesta.si
    Nice day and thank you:)

  25. Great overview, even for us natives. I also highly reccommend UNESCO protected caves Skocjanske jame – biggest river-made underearth gallery in the world, to my recollection: http://www.park-skocjanske-jame.si//en

    • I support Miha, but I personnally missed Trenta Valley. Every Slovenian has to reach the top of mountain Triglav once in their life. Olimje has one of the oldest farmacies in Europe, definitely worth visiting, as it is accompanied by modern spa area. One of the wonders of the world is Cerknisko jezero – Cerknisko lake, which sometimes disappears and re-appears. Incredible landscape and according to the legend, the witches have their gatherings at a nearby hill. All in all, wonderful selection, thank you!

      • Julius

        Well, Trenta Valley, Triglav mountain, Cerknisko jezero and Olimje added to the list! 🙂 They are really wonderful places, I think that this list is neverending. 🙂

  26. Hi Julius, I have great pics of the Žiče monastery interior if you want, how can I share/send them to you? Best, Natasa

  27. These pictures make me want to visit Slovenia ASAP!

    • Julius

      That is the main purpose of this article, Sarah 🙂

  28. Hi! Great photos! I think, you shold include allso the Logarska dolina and Solčavsko region:)

    • Julius

      Hi Neža, thanks for your advise, I’ll add Logarska Dolina and Robanov kot from Solčavsko region, anything else? 🙂

  29. Hi,
    my name is Tjaša Kangler and I work as the head of Tourist Information Center in Slovenske Konjice. I saw that you included Charterhouse Žiče among the 20 top sights of Slovenia and that is really, really great (no. 19). I would like to send you one more attractive photo to use it on the website, if you would? The URL of the photo is here: http://tic.konjice.si/media/k2/items/cache/9267284e7733f4bec00d2e114d3f3ba1_XL.jpg. I can send it you you in a really good resolution. Please, let me know if this would be possible.
    Best regards,

    Tjaša Kangler,
    Head of TIC Slovenske Konjice

    Stari trg 27, 3210 Slovenske Konjice, SI – Slovenia
    T: +386 3 757 06 30, F: +386 3 759 31 11, M: +386 51 444 140
    E: [email protected], I: http://tic.konjice.si/,
    I: http://www.knjiznica-slovenskekonjice.si/

    • Julius

      What a great photo it is, Tjaša! I can use it, why not, but it would be really useful if you would have some more from inside or from other angles of this amazing monastery.

  30. Very nice photographs.
    Perhaps you should include few more destinations such as Celje… a one of the oldest and historically important town in that region, Romans called it Celei.

    • Julius

      Thanks for your tip, Milena, I will add Celje here as well! Very nice place with that castle above the town!

  31. I like your selection. I like Ptuj too . It is the oldest medieval town with great carneval in the middle winiyardsby river Drava.
    In Lendava we have new tower to see Panonnian plane of Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria and some thermal spas in this vineyards region with great culinary tradition.
    Kobarid museum of WWI is great by Soča river

    • Julius

      Thank you Tatjana for your great tips, I will include all the places you mentioned on this list! Cannot understand why I skipped Ptuj! And that tower looks really great! Very nice modern architecture! 🙂

  32. The photo of Portorož is actually just Piran from a different angle… Portorož is quite close though, a little deeper in Piran Bay.

    • Julius

      Thanks, Joe, I found these pictures that are free to use and were marked as Portorož, if you have some picture of Portorož, just send it to me [email protected] Anyway I will change this pictures today!

      • Dont change it is Portorož 😉

        • Julius

          Hi Jure, thanks, but I have already changed it yesterday! 🙂 This is why it is now Portorož 🙂 Thanks for your comments anyway!

          • So sorry, I commented new photos… probably old that I didn’t saw were wrong.

  33. Hey,

    you made a small mistake with Portorož (the picture is of the Piran city) 😉 – Otherwise comming from Slovenia and i have to agree – great list!!! Come to visit us 😉

    • Julius

      Hi there, thanks for your comment, Tim, I’ll correct this mistake!

      • Hi. Picutre is OK. On the Picture is Portorož. Is the center of the city. On the picture you can see Life Class Resort Hotels. If you will google Life Clas Resort Portorož you will see is OK. Piran looks totaly different.
        By the way, you made it great. Come and wisit us in near future, i can give you some tips, how it wont be so “expensive” 😉

  34. Absolutely amazing. I visited most of the places, went hiking for 3 days in Triglav National Park – from Bohinj to Bovec via Koca na Dolicu. I absolutely fell in love with Slovenia. As well as the rest of the Balkans – One of my favorite countries on this planet. Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive. But it’s like paradise 🙂

    • Julius

      That’s true, Tom, paradise is always too expensive! 🙂 I haven’t been there so far, but have only Hungary lying between us so it is quite close and on the list. 🙂

    • Comparing to the rest of the Balkan countries it is expensive, but except for the most famous sites (that are indeed too expensive in my opinion as a native), you just need to know where to look to find cheap things, it’s not really that expensive after all ?

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