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Renting a car or driving to the Netherlands? Then you need to think about parking in the capital! Here are the basics to know and our tips for parking in Amsterdam.

The capital of the Netherlands and the most populous city in the country, Amsterdam is one of the largest European capitals with more than 850,000 inhabitants in a community of conurbations with a total of 2.4 million inhabitants. In addition, Amsterdam is often classified as one of the most livable cities in the world and for good reason: it is a city whose center is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famously green with parks and streets bordered with trees and the city is surrounded by multiple canals. Unfortunately, it is also poorly accessible by car: where can you find cheap parking in Amsterdam when most trips are made by public transport or bicycle?

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The city center is wrapped around a network of concentric canals in the form of a giant spider’s web and many sites of interest dot the urban territory: Amsterdam is indeed the leading Dutch tourist and cultural destination. Here’s how to park in Amsterdam (car park locations, rates and bookings) if you prefer a car to a plane to discover the Netherlands.

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Parking in Amsterdam: P+Rs

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The city of Amsterdam was simply and obviously not designed with cars in mind. One of the most iconic sights in Amsterdam is its Dutch inhabitants cycling along the canals and the city has decided in favor of bicycles rather than cars. As a result, to park in Amsterdam, it is therefore advisable to target the outskirts, then explore the city center by bike, tram, bus or metro. Most of the car parks in Amsterdam are located around the A10 and A2 ring roads. Open 24 hours a day, they are called “P + R” (acronym of “Parkeren en Reizen”, “park and ride”). P+Rs offer very low rates – €1 for 24 hours – for a total duration of 96 hours (sometimes 24 hours, check with the specific car park in Amsterdam you choose). There are seven car parks in Amsterdam (P+R) in total, to the south, west and east of the city:

  • P+R Sloterdijk: €1.40 per hour, up to 4 days,
  • P+R Bos en Lommer, 0,50 € for 10 minutes (3 € per hour) up to 4 days,
  • P+R Olympish Stadion, €0.50 for 9 minutes, up to 4 consecutive days,
  • P+R VUmc (weekends), 1 € for 18 minutes, from Friday 18 hours to Monday 4 hours,
  • P+R Rai, 24 hours maximum, then €17.50 per day,
  • P+R ArenA, 1 € for 25 minutes, up to 4 days,
  • P+R Zeeburg I in II, €2.40 per hour, up to 4 days.

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The P+R Olympish Stadion – located in the southwest – is the most popular: it is therefore recommended to move to another P+R in case of high traffic (if there is a sports or cultural events in particular). You will find an online tool (in Dutch only) that will allow you to visualize in real time the number of available spaces in one of the car parks. It will also be recommended to download in advance the parking map of Amsterdam.

Parking in Amsterdam: car parks in the city centre

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However, if you want to park in the city center, there are still some parking spaces, although it will be – you have been warned – very complicated. The Parclicksite lists all paid parking and car parks in Amsterdam. You will need to count between 20 € and 35 € per day, and above all, book online in advance to be sure to leave your car in peace. Finally, it is also possible to search for a parking space in Amsterdam: on the street. If you find one, such as an archaeologist excavating an incredible relic from ancient times, don’t forget to pay at the parking meter by entering your license plate in the machine.

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Parking in Amsterdam: free parking

Cheap parking Amsterdam

For the lucky ones, there are of course free parking lots, but they are very likely to be taken over by tourists and residents. You can find them in Spinnerij, Diemen-Zuid, Gaasperplas, or Buikslotermeerplein. These are free of charge, but not supervised: be careful not to leave any valuables inside our car!

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