Cheap parking in Bilbao: where to park in Bilbao?

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Known for housing the Guggenheim Museum, the city of Bilbao boasts a vibrant lifestyle, between fantastic gastronomy, lively culture, and lovely landscapes. Discover our tips to find a parking space in Bilbao easily, and enjoy the city stress-free.

Nestled between the sea and the mountains, renowned for its beaches that are among the most beautiful beaches of Northern Spain, blending traditional and modern architecture, culture and gastronomy, Bilbao is one of Spain’s largest cities, a proud representative of the Basque Country and the northern Iberian Peninsula. Located between Santander and Biarritz, Bilbao is a dynamic metropolis, the city has more than one trick up its sleeve, boasting breathtaking architecture, spectacular museums including the famous Guggenheim museum, gourmet specialties, and a vibrant nightlife.

But due to its size and urban configuration, it is difficult to get around and park in Bilbao. This can quickly become a nightmare for holidaymakers. Fortunately, Traveltipy has compiled a few tips for finding cheap parking in Bilbao, hassle-free.

Parking in Bilbao: finding a street parking space

Parking in Bilbao

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Zarateman

As everywhere in Spain, there are precise rules of conduct and parking in Bilbao. The OTA – Traffic and Parking Management – regulates the use of parking spaces on public roads. To purchase your parking ticket in Bilbao, look for the closest parking meter – the machines are spread over several strategic locations in the city. Regarding schedules, parking is charged between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., with one hour and a half free at midday.

The streets of Bilbao are divided into 12 geographical zones, which are themselves distinguished by two colors that make it easier to identify the places where parking is regulated and the maximum parking time allowed.

  • The green zone gives priority to residents and is, therefore, more expensive for non-residents: costs range from €0.52 for 30 minutes, €1.27 for 1 hour, €3.15 for 2 hours, €6.15 for 3 hours, €9.45 for 4 hours and 13h for 5 hours. You can park for up to 5 hours maximum.
  • The blue zone gives priority to parking turnover and allows up to 2 hours of parking. The prices are the same as in the green zone.

Here is a map of the 12 parking zones of the city of Bilbao:

Parking zone in Bilbao

Cheap parking in Bilbao: covered car parks

If you decide to visit Bilbao by car, the most practical option will be to find a car park ideally located in the city center. Fast and economical, Bilbao’s car parks display useful timetables, feature high-tech CCTV and are situated close to all the city’s landmarks and points of interest.

Located close to the Iberdrola Tower and the Zubiarte shopping center, the Plaza Euskadi car park is the ideal place to park if you want to visit the Guggenheim museum, primarily due to its advantageous rate: €16 a day. The Copark Palacio Euskalduna is another cheap car park in Bilbao: ideally located next to the Dona Casilda Iturrizar park and the Bilbao Ria Maritime Museum, it charges €16.45 a day.

Cheap parking in Bilbao, map

Map of the cheap parking in Bilbao

Another tip for cheap parking in Bilbao: situated a little out of town, the Copark Hospital IMQ-Zorrotzaurre charges €14.50 per day. An excellent way to save on parking and reach the city center by public transport.

Finally, our last tip to help you find cheap parking in Bilbao: go ahead and book a parking space on the internet before your arrival. A practical, efficient and above all a budget-friendly solution, worth the try!

Main photo credit : Flickr – Net Circlion

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