Cheap parking in Genoa: where to park in Genoa?

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Are you going to Genoa to visit Liguria and Italy for several days? Find out which car park to park in while in Genoa!

Finding a cheap car park when you want to park for a long time is necessarily a question that crosses your mind when you arrive in a new city. Whether you rent a car or come to Genoa with your own, you will need to find a car park in the capital of Liguria.

Genoa is a large metropolis stretched between sea and mountains, with 592,995 inhabitants and 800,000 people throughout the urban area. However, as in Rome, Milan, Pisa and Florence, it is forbidden to drive trough the city center of Genoa. Here is where to park in Genoa and how to find cheap parking in Genoa.

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Parking in Genoa: park on the street and pay

Old Centre, best area to stay in Genoa

It is often the simplest and most preferred solution when you arrive, but it is also one of the least secure because a small car can be the target of unexpected acts of vandalism. Finding a car park in Genoa on the street might as well be one of Hercules’ 12 labors as spots are coveted and go in the blink of an eye. However, if you still want to take the risk, head for the port and the waterfront. The nearby boulevards offer many places for 2 € per hour and up to 15 € for a day. Be careful because traffic in Italian cities is regulated. In Genoa, a ZTL, Zona Traffico Limitato (limited traffic area) applies. This means that only vehicles with a special authorization are allowed to drive in the area. This prohibition may be either general or limited to certain hours. It should be noted that these areas are also heavily guarded and traffic is overseen by cameras: be assured that crossing through the ZTL while you’re not supposed will result in a fine, the municipality is very quick to send them out at that and has the means to enforce its traffic laws effectively.

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Limited Traffic Zones in Genoa, zoom in for the exact delimitation

Parking in Genoa: free parking on the street

To park in Genoa on the street without paying, watch the road markings: free spots are marked with white stripes. If they are blue, parking is legal but will incur a charge. While possible, we found it very hard to find a parking space in Genoa without paying and we simply never encountered any free spots. After some research on the internet, we found only two streets where parking is free:

  • Piazza Giambattista Raggi,
  • Via Moresco.

For those who do not wish to turn tirelessly in the streets to find a place to park for free and without being in the ZTL, where most of the things you’ll want to visit are, there is another possible recourse: private and underground car parks!

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Parking in Genoa: park in an indoor parking lot

Some private parking companies exist in Genoa but rates are unregulated so be careful not to get ripped off… We recommend that you book your space in advance with these established parking companies in Genoa:

  • Parclick : 4 car parks found, around the port and in the city center (7 € for 3 hours, 36 € per day),
  • Parkimeter: Autorimessa Granaldi (€1.50 per hour) and Montegrappa Garage (€1.98 per hour) car parks,
  • Parkopedia: between €2 and €5 for two hours of parking.

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Parking in Genoa can be complicated. Nevertheless, near the port, there are many covered and secure car parks. It is not possible to make an exhaustive inventory, but here are some of them for a day:

  • Garage Ponte Dei Mille Genova,
  • Cruise Autosiloport,
  • Parcheggio Genova Service SRL Open Air Port,
  • Parcheggio Genova Service SRL Undercover Port,
  • Parkmar Port of Genoa,
  • Lanterna Parking,
  • Park South Tower SRL,
  • Parcheggio Saba Canevari,
  • Marina Park,
  • Piccapietra Autopark,
  • Victory Park P2,
  • Piazza de Ferrari,
  • Park Marina Porto Antico,
  • City Park,
  • Dano Park,
  • Automessa Carignano.

All these parking lots for parking in Genoa are located around the port and in the city center. Check each other’s websites for schedules and variable rates.

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