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Keen for a sunny getaway in Granada by car? A great choice indeed: the beautiful Andalusia region is a stunning destination. And if you are afraid of not finding a parking space in the city, don’t panic: traveltipy helps you find cheap parking in granada.

Located at the foot of Sierra Nevada, the highest massif on the Iberian Peninsula, Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. Home to the grand Alhambra palace and fortress, a luxurious ski resort, and its colorful gardens, the beautiful Andalusia region has much to offer, not to mention its Mediterranean climate, its typical culinary specialties, and its breathtaking panoramas.

However, if you are planning to visit the area by car, you will need to be patient: parking in Granada can quickly become a nerve-wracking endeavor. Fortunately, Traveltipy gives you a few tips and tricks to find a car park in Granada without any hassle.

Parking in downtown Granada: the difficulties of finding street parking space

Parking in Granada

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Due to its geography, Granada is not easily accessible by car, especially as access to the city center is very limited. To help you avoid making any mistakes, make sure you visit the Movilidad Granada website, which lists all the streets banned from traffic in downtown Granada. Also, be aware that private parking is prohibited in the city center, so don’t try to park in the center as you could be exposed to an expensive fine.

However, if you are staying in an establishment located in these restricted areas, you will be considered a resident for the duration of your stay, and you will have the right to drive around. Discuss this beforehand with your hostel, hotel or accommodation, to find out if there is an agreement with the mobility service and ask for the authorized route to get there.

If you want to park in the streets of Granada easily, it will be necessary to go outside the city center. It is generally more difficult to park in Granada between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. as this corresponds to the local working hours. If you manage to find a space, parking is limited to two hours. Regarding street parking spaces, the blue lines indicate paid parking, and the yellow lines indicate parking areas reserved for persons with reduced mobility.

The convenient alternative: cheap parking in Granada

Parking in Granada

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The city’s car parks offer an economical and practical alternative for parking in Granda: there are several car parks strategically located in the town, as well as close to the city center, hospitals, bars and restaurants and in all peripheral districts. No matter where you decide to go in the city, Granada’s car parks are easily accessible and offer very affordable rates from €1 per hour.

The AUSSA Hermanos Maristas car park is situated just a stone’s throw from Plaza de Los Lobos, Plaza de la Trinidad and only 8 minutes’ walk from the cathedral. It offers the favorable rate of €13 a day, exactly like the Socratès car park, a cheap car park in Granada, ideally located in the city center, and offering a daily parking rate of only €11.

Cheap parking in Granada, Map

Map of cheap parkings in Granada

The APK2 Escolapios Parking is another good cheap parking option in Granada: situated close to the river Genil, it charges €13 per day.

If you want to be sure to find cheap parking in Granada, think of booking a space beforehand on the Internet. On the Parclick website, you can select the car park of your choice according to the location of your accommodation and book it before your arrival. The advantage is that you will not waste all your time looking for a parking space when you arrive. Besides, you will be entitled to discounts, and enjoy secure parking in a covered car park.

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