Cheap parking in Milan: where to park in Milan?

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As in many Italian cities, parking in Milan can quickly become a real obstacle course: specific rules, city tolls, lack of spaces, these are the different solutions to easily find a cheap car park in Milan.

Located in the north of Italy, Milan does not at first sight have the charm of its elegant neighbors Bologna, Genoa or Turin. And yet, it only takes a few steps to realize its grandeur: magnificent architecture, a vibrant cultural life with the famous La Scala theater and of course a devouring passion for ready-to-wear and luxury, which has made it the capital of fashion and design.

But as in all major Italian cities, parking in Milan is not easy: in addition to heavy traffic, there are many very specific parking rules that can quickly mislead the uninitiated. So if you don’t want to spend hours driving around the city in circles, here are some tips to find parking in Milan easily.

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Parking in Milan: parking rules

Cheap parking Milan

Milan has a very picky parking system to know before leaving, so as not to spend hours looking for a place in vain. The first thing to know is the deciphering of the ground marking, with three distinct colors.

The places delimited by white lines are precious so if you cross one of them, do not hesitate any more: they are free and therefore all the more rare. On the other hand, the blue marking indicates that you are on a paying and time-limited site. Finally, the yellow squares are exclusively reserved for residents who hold a pass, the “Pass per la sosta di residenti e dimoranti“.

Regarding parking rates in Milan, it all depends on the areas where you choose to park. The first zone, Area C, corresponds to the historic center. To get in, you will have to pay an urban toll of 5€. Then, count about 2€/hour for the first two hours and 3€/hour for the following hours, from 8am to 7pm, knowing that if you park at night, you will only pay for the first two hours. The further away from the city center, the more affordable the places are: about 1.20€ per hour in the second zone and 0.80€ per hour in the third.

Cheap parking in Milan: ATM car parks

Cheap parking Milan

All Milanese will tell you: the city’s traffic is so dense that it can quickly make you lose your mind. And to park in Milan without spending a small fortune, Traveltipy recommends that you use the car parks managed by ATM. To date, 21 car parks have been identified throughout the city, with the advantage of being located next to public transport: metros, stations or airports. This gives you the opportunity to stroll through the streets of Milan without stress.

Generally speaking, ATM car parks are cheap car parks in Milan: count about 1.50€/hour. Subscriptions are also available at very reasonable prices: the car park located at Cascina Gobba metro station has a subscription at €8.50 per week with the possibility of parking every day between 6am and 2am, while the car park near the Cologno Nord metro station offers a subscription at €6 per week. A real good cheap parking plan in Milan for those who stay there for several weeks.

Another good cheap parking plan in Milan is the ParkIN Linate car park, ideally located a stone’s throw from Milan Linate airport with real sliding scale rates. Count 2€ for 1h, 4€ for 4h, 10€ for 1 day, 18€ for 2 days and 42€ for the week.

Parking in Milan: private car parks

Cheap parking Milan

For private car parks, the rates are often higher: the hourly rate can sometimes reach up to 5€! But if you need to park in the city center to discover the city more easily on foot, private car parks are a practical and safe solution.

Ideally located a stone’s throw from the Dome of Milan, the city’s architectural wonder, the Autosila Diaz car park offers an hourly rate of €3 but the day is €25. Same price for the Car Central Parking car park, a stone’s throw from the University of Milan, at 25€ per day.

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