Cheap parking in Naples: where to park in Naples?

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If you are traveling to Naples by car, you will have to find a solution to park in the city. Here are some tips on how to find parking in Naples.

If you spend more than three days in Naples, getting around by car can be a useful option to explore the surroundings. With a car, you can easily picnic on the Amalfi coast, visit Pompeii and see Vesuvius, explore the ancient city of Herculaneum – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – or visit the Royal Palace of Caserta…

However, whether you are traveling in your own car or a rented one, one essential question arises: Where to park in Naples? What are the cheap parking options in Naples?

Parking in Naples: paid street parking

Parking in Naples on the street, even when paying, is really not the right solution. Firstly, because driving in downtown Naples is a real ordeal! The city’s chaotic traffic – which is also what makes its charm – won’t seem very charming to you once you’re at the wheel. Besides, if you park your car in the street, you expose it to all kinds of acts of vandalism: damage, theft…

But above all, driving in the city center is very complicated. Naples, like many Italian cities, has its ZTLs, “Limited Traffic Zones”: areas where only residents are allowed to drive. You will find more details about the ZTL of Naples (schedules and boundaries) on the official website of the city of Naples, as well as an interactive map here. Don’t play with the ZTLs: they are CCTV-monitored, and the fine for unauthorized entry is rather high!

Parking in Naples

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We therefore strongly advise against this solution, although there is one exception: if you are staying downtown in a hotel with parking. In this case, if the hotel is in the heart of a ZTL, you will have to make arrangements in advance with the reception to obtain an exemption.

If by any chance you still want to park in the street, it will cost you around €2 per hour. You can pay your ticket at the parking meters, at authorized dealers (newsdealers), and even via mobile apps run by ANM, the company that manages certain car parks and public transport in Naples.

Parking in Naples: free street parking

In the white-lined parking spaces, you can park for free. But here again, we do not recommend this parking solution in Naples, since it forces you to drive in the city center.

Especially since parking in Naples in the white-marked areas is not always free… Indeed, you’ll come across many unofficial car park attendants, and expect a small tip for their services.

Park in a secure parking lot in downtown Naples

Cheap parking in Naples, map

Map of the cheap parking in Naples

Parking in Naples in a closed car park is a good idea. You won’t escape Neapolitan traffic, but you’ll at least be able to leave your car for days on end, with complete peace of mind!

On specialized websites such as Parclick, you can geolocalize car parks in Naples and book them online in advance: a convenient option! The prices vary: they range from €9… to almost €100 per day! Unlike other cities, there is no real price difference between indoor and outdoor parking.

One of the most popular car parks is the Supergarage (Via Shelley, 11). It has the advantage of being right in the city center, on line 1 of the metro (Toledo station). It charges approximately 20€ per day. But if you want a cheap car park in Naples, head for the Brin car park (Via Benedetto Brin). It costs less than €10 per day and is really close to downtown. It’s huge (800 parking spaces), so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a parking space!

Parking in Naples

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Parking outside Naples

To avoid the city centre, a cheap parking solution in Naples is to park at the airport. The car parks cost about ten euros a day, and the Alibus shuttle to reach the city center is 5 €. For example, you can park in the Parking GO, for 11 € per day.

Another cheap parking solution in Naples is to park in the ANM car parks, which are mostly located on the outskirts of the city. They are generally well served by public transport. The prices are unbeatable: the first prices are 1.5 € per day. However, most of these car parks are only open during the day and are not guarded. The only ones open 24 hours a day are the Brin car park (almost in the city centre) and the Colli Aminei car park (about 1 hour from the city centre).

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