Cheap parking in Palermo: where to park in Palermo?

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Looking for a sunny break in the streets of Palermo in a Fiat 500? Hesitate no longer, book your tickets and discover all of our tips to easily find a car park in Palermo.

Palermo, the regional capital of Sicily, has long suffered from a sulphurous reputation. But today, the city has changed its image and has once again become a favored place for tourists. With its thousand contrasts, Palermo has something to surprise and amaze you: its Norman palace, its Mondello beach, its dozens of monuments and its street-food, boredom is simply unknown in Palermo.

But an Italian city means limited traffic in the city center and a frantic search for parking spaces in Palermo can very quickly become hell. To help you, here is our official guide to finding a stress-free parking space in Palermo.

Parking in Palermo: the rules of the ZTL

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As is customary in Italy, driving in the city center is limited by a limited traffic area. Generally reserved for residents, these zones are authorized at certain times of the day, only after having paid for an access permit. In Palermo, the boundaries of the ZTL extend from Giulio Cesare Square to Cavour Piarra Indipendenza Avenue and are active from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and on Saturday from 8am to 1pm.

But if you want to drive in the ZTL, you will have to pay a daily pass that corresponds to your vehicle’s emission standard: count €5 a day for a petrol car, and €2.50 for a hybrid vehicle. And don’t try to sneak into the streets of Palermo to park: the area is controlled by surveillance cameras and the fine you will receive on your return may be very high.

Parking in Palermo: on-street parking

Parking in Palermo in the city centre can quickly become an ordeal: you will probably spend more time looking for a place than enjoying the beauties of Sicily. But this mission is not completely impossible: there are different districts that have parking spaces in the blue zone at €1 per hour. At this price, the places are quickly taken by storm but with a little luck, you will have to succeed in finding your happiness. These parking tickets are more commonly purchased in bars, tobacconists or shops.

To park easily in the streets of Palermo, you will have more luck on Monday morning or Sunday, when shops are closed, or in the early afternoon, around 2pm/14.30pm, when the Italians have returned home to eat.

Cheap parking in Palermo: covered parking spaces

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Contrary to what one might think, it is possible to find a cheap car park in Palermo. For one day, you will pay a maximum of between 12 and 20€.

Close to the cathedral and the Massimo theatre, the Piazza Orlando car park offers very economical rates: €1.60 per hour and a maximum of €12 per day. Spread over 4 levels, this car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Next to the Massimo Theatre, the Piazza Ungheria car park is another cheap car park in Palermo: count €1.50 per hour if you park between 8am and 8pm and €1 per hour if you park between 8pm and 8am.

Close to the cruise port, Mola Santa Lucia Porto Palermo also offers attractive prices for long-term parking: count 10€ for 1 day! In addition to saving money, you will be close to the old town of Palermo.

Parking in Palermo: the best deals

Stay in Palermo, Sicily

There are several good parking plans in Palermo: at the port level, Molo Santa Lucia Porto Palermo offers unbeatable prices with 10€ per day. Ideal for all those who want to park their vehicle safely around Palermo and enjoy the city’s beauty by public transport and on foot.

To hope to find free tickets, get up early and go to Piazza Marina or Foro Italico, who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky?

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