Cheap parking in Paris: where to park in Paris?

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Where to park in the french capital? Discover the best ways to find cheap parking in Paris!

Finding parking in such a heavily congested city as Paris can become a nightmare if you are driving during rush hour or during holiday periods. If you are traveling by car and you don’t know the best places to park in Paris, you will expose your vehicle to potential vandalism and risk being fined. For this reason, the issue of parking in Paris is just as important as the problem of finding accommodation. And as is often the case, free parking spaces are very popular, while paid parking is sometimes (very) expensive.

In Paris, you can park on the street, but parking is generally charged from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (free on Sundays). Two tariff zones apply for parking in Paris: €4 per hour for arrondissements 1 to 11 and €2.40 for arrondissements 12 to 20. And generally, parking is limited to 6 hours at the same location. Otherwise, you can choose to park in Paris in the underground car parks, open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Here is our mini-guide to find a cheap car park in Paris to discover the city, hassle-free.

Parking in Paris: free parking on the street

The first idea that comes to mind is to drive around the streets to find a free space not materialized by the white stripes or the mention “payant” (paid parking) on the ground. We wish you good luck because this driving around can last a long time without ever finding any free parking space… In fact, only 2.5% of parking spaces in Paris are free of charge. France TV Info features a handy infographic online giving a glimpse of the different cheap or even free parking spaces in Paris (see below). Helpful information: you can park for free mainly in the Bois de Boulogne and in Vincennes. Another good tip: the allée des Fortifications, in the 16th arrondissement (Porte d’Auteuil), features free parking spaces on both sides of the street.

Map of the free car-park in Paris – France TV Info

Parking in Paris: paid car parks

We strongly recommend you book your parking space in advance. This is the best way to arrive in Paris serenely without wasting time finding a space. Many websites offer parking rate comparison services. Finding cheap parking in Paris has never been so easy! Just select the car park closest to your destination and/or the cheapest and book online according to your schedule. You’ll find all the information you need on Parclick, one of the best online parking comparators, featuring 125 car parks from €1.60.

Map of the cheap parking in Paris

Parking in Paris: the car parks around the Gare Montparnasse

Where to park in Paris before taking a train to Bordeaux or the Centre-Val-de-Loire? Finding a car park near Montparnasse station is not difficult: there are up to 126. Here are a few (the rate is for 2 hours):

  • Gare Montparnasse: 50, rue du Maine, from €10
  • Saint-Germain market car park: 8, rue Clément, from €8.16
  • Parking Bonvin Lecourbe: 28, rue François-Bonvin, €5
  • Parking Sainte-Anne: 100, rue de la Santé, €3.20
  • Parking Ecole de Médecine: 21, rue de l’Ecole de Médecine, €4

Parking in Paris: the car parks around Gare de Lyon

Need to park in the southeast of Paris? Here is how to find a cheap car park near Gare de Lyon (price for 1 hour) :

  • Mediterranée Gare de Lyon: 26, rue de Chalon, €4.60
  • URBIS PARK: 58, Quai de la Rapée, €3.06
  • SAEMES – Reuilly Diderot: 34, rue de Reuilly, €4
  • Garage Sully: 5, rue Agrippa d’Aubigné, €12
  • Bercy-Arena: 14, rue Erard, €15

Parking in Paris: the car parks around gare Saint-Lazare

How to park in the street in Paris ?

Photo credit: Flickr – Richard

You don’t want to risk parking your new car on the street? Here are the secure car parks near the Saint-Lazare station (rates per hour) :

  • Official EFFIA car park: 29, rue de Londres, €3.50
  • SAEMES Public car park Meyerbeer Opéra : 3, rue de la chaussée d’Antin, €3.75
  • Parking EFFIA Europe – Rome Batignolles: 43 bis, boulevard de Batignolles, €4.20
  • Pigalle Théâtres: 10-12, rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, €1.70
  • Pyramides: 15, rue des Pyramides, €4
  • Claridge Champs-Elysées: 60, rue de Ponthieu, €2.30
  • Parking Sentier 41: rue du Sentier, €2.90

Parking in Paris: the car parks around Gare du Nord

There are no less than 128 car parks near the Gare du Nord (rate for one hour):

  • New Hotel Paris Gare du Nord: 152, rue La Fayette, €10 (for 6 hours)
  • Goutte d’Or: 10-12, rue de la Goutte d’Or, €3.40
  • Stalingrad: 7, boulevard de la Chapelle, €3
  • Antwerp-Montmartre: 41, boulevard Rochechouart, €3.75
  • Grand Garage Saint-Laurent: 52 ter, rue des Vinaigriers, €3
  • Parking Saint-Louis Hôpital: 1, avenue Claude Vellefaux, €3.60 €
  • Chauchat Drouot: 14, rue Chauchat, €29 for one day

Parking in Paris: the car parks around the Gare de l’Est

The Gare de l’Est (Station of the East) serves the TGV Est trains to eastern France, Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg or the eastern suburbs of Paris. It can, therefore, be convenient to park at the Gare de l’Est depending on your travel plans.

  • Blue Valet: Gare de l’Est, €24 per day,
  • Gare de l’Est ECTOR: rue du 8 Mai 1945, €34 for one day,
  • Abbeville Garage: 5, rue d’Abbeville, €28 for 8 hours,
  • Rex-Atrium: 5-7, rue du faubourg Poissonnière, €35 per day,
  • Garage Saint-Georges, 19th arrondissement: 76, avenue Secrétan, €10 for 4 hours,
  • Trois Bornes: 11-13, rue des 3 Bornes, €25 for 8 hours,
  • Forum des Halles-Rambuteau: Tunnel of the rue de Turbigo, €4.10 per hour,
  • Centre Pompidou: 38, rue Rambuteau, €8 for 2 hours.

Parking in Paris: the car parks around the Gare de Bercy

Montmartre, best area to stay in Paris

No more parking spaces available at Gare de Lyon or Gare d’Austerlitz? Try the Gare de Bercy station:

  • Bercy Seine: 210, Quai de Bercy, €3.80 per hour,
  • Elit Park Nation: 28, avenue de Saint-Mandé, €1.80 per hour,
  • Garage du Faubourg – Gare de Lyon: 33, rue de Reuilly, €4 per hour,
  • Poniatowski Garage: 57, boulevard Poniatowski, €12 for 3 hours,
  • Test Garage: 6, rue de l’Essai, €4 for 2 hours,
  • Salpêtrière-Italy: 114, boulevard de l’Hôpital, €7 for 4 hours.

If despite all these cheap car parks you can’t park in Paris, then you will have to try to park on on the outskirts of Paris and travel via RER, a suburban train or the metro, depending on your location. To avoid such an inconvenience, simply book your parking space in advance!

Main photo credit : Flickr – Kārlis Dambrāns

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