Cheap parking in Rome : where to park in Rome?

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Are you planning to visit the splendours of Rome by car? Before you drive into the city with your vehicle, take note of all our tips for parking and finding a cheap car park in the city of 7 hills.

Ah Rome… Who hasn’t dreamed of walking the old streets of the city to observe the architectural wonders of antiquity while enjoying a delicious Italian ice cream? With its sunny specialties, its Vatican, its churches and its impressive Colosseum, Rome is a favorite among tourist destinations and we at Traveltipy understand why perfectly.

But if you opt for a car for your holiday in Rome, you should know that it will not be easy: indeed, the city is famous for not being the simplest parking wise and finding a cheap car park in Rome borders on the miraculous. Fortunately, we have found some tips to help you park without difficulty, with ideas for parking in Rome and traffic rules in the city. After that, Rome will have no more secrets for you and the dolce vita will be yours!

Parking in Rome: beware of the ZTL!

Cheap parking Rome

If you have already visited Italy, you have probably already heard about the ZTL (Zona a Traffico Limitato). Indeed, “limited traffic areas” are present in the majority of major Italian cities, becoming the nightmare of tourists seeking to travel and park in Rome. This area has the particularity of prohibiting non-residents from driving without permission, otherwise a fine will be given. In the city center, for example, driving is prohibited from 6.30 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, from 2 pm to 6 pm on Saturdays and from 11 pm to 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

The entrance to the ZTL zone is marked by signs. And for those who would like to try their chance and gamble that they won’t get caught, we strongly advise against it: the city is full of cameras, patrols are frequent, and each unregistered license plate will be given a very hefty fine. However, if your accommodation is within the ZTL, you will be able to enter but your must first apply to the road authorities for a temporary access permit and access to the parking lot of your accommodation.

Parking on the street in Rome

Cheap parking Rome

In general, parking in the streets of Rome is quite complicated because the vacant spaces are taken over by scooters and there are few of them to start with. Nevertheless, if you feel like an adventurous soul, keep your eyes on the road and on the pavement itself because there are three types of parking spaces in Rome.

– Spots with a white line are rare but also completely free. So if you encounter one, you’re in luck! Be careful however, because these spots are very popular with scooters who tend to have their way and rule the roads of the eternal city.

– Spots with a blue line are subject to a charge, generally from 8am to 8pm, or even until 11pm in the most central areas such as Campo Marzio, Celio, Ludovisi or Trastevere. The cost depends on the area where you are, but the rates will vary between 1.20€ per hour in ZTL and 1€ outside ZTL.

– Spots with a yellow line are strictly prohibited because they are reserved for people with disabilities, deliveries or politicians.

If you do not find a parking space in Rome, please note that it is possible to park along the Tiber River on the Longotevere. Tickets are charged for but you will be close to everything. As a bonus, those who are lucky enough to find a place towards the Orange Garden or the Roseraie will have a magnificent view of the city.

Cheap parking in Rome: good deals

Cheap parking Rome

In Rome, there are different car parks. Those in the city center are guarded car parks but with a very limited number of spaces. Their advantage? Their proximity to the city center and the possibility of walking there, such as the Villa Borghese car park, the Gianicolo car park and the Piazza Cavour car park. Count about 2.20€ per hour but there are daily subscriptions between 18 and 25€.

To find cheap parking in Rome, you have to leave the heart of the city and park close to public transport. All car parks are located near metro lines A and B or next to bus lines. For 12 hours, count between 1.50 and 2€ and for 16 hours, between 2.50 and 3€. The Anagnina car park, located east of Rome, is one of them.

Another good and very economical little tip: the Circo Massimo, 15 minutes from the Colosseum. For the latter, you will not have to pay anything since it is free but you can well imagine that a rare pearl like this one in Rome is quickly taken by storm…

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