Cheap parking in Seville: where to park in Seville?

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If you are traveling to Seville by car or if you plan to rent one, it is useful to know where to find a cheap parking in Seville.

If you plan to stay more than 3 days in Seville or if you wish to visit specific tourist sites in the Andalusian hinterland, you may find public transport to limit your options. The Sierra Nevada mountain range is nearby and there are quite a few day trips that are available if you plan or staying for more than a couple days. Having a car, rented or not, is very useful to explore and discover the city’s surroundings, go to the beach, etc but you can’t exactly just drive up to the historic center and stop in front of the Cathedral.

However, whether you come with your own car or rent one for a few days, an important question arises: where to park in Seville? Where to find the best car parks or cheap parking in Seville?

Parking in Seville: parking on the street for a fee

Paid street parking is not the best solution. Almost exclusively pedestrian, the city center of Seville is a maze of narrow streets, and it is thus complicated to find a space. Moreover, rates are exorbitant, and the duration is short! Besides, the municipality takes parking bans very seriously: parking in a prohibited area is liable to a €145 fine and immediate vehicle impoundment.

You can also find paid street parking spaces on the outskirts of the city, at more affordable rates, and from there reach the city center via public transport.

However, we advise you to avoid paid street parking: there are many cases of vandalism on foreign plates or on very recognizable rental vehicles. There are better parking options in Seville.

Cheap parking in Seville

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Cheap parking in Seville: free parking on the street

If you do not want to pay for parking in Seville, a second option is to park your car outside the paid parking areas, and then use public transport to reach the city center.

If you park in residential areas or on the outskirts of Seville, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a free parking space. From the suburbs, it is easy to get to the center via public transport.

For example, it is possible to park near the end of line 1 (metro) near the Cocheras or La Plata stations. However, keep in mind that parking on the street with a foreign or rented car may present safety risks!

Parking in Seville: parking in Seville in an indoor car park

Cheap parking in Seville map

Map of the cheap parking in Seville

There are many indoor car parks in Seville. If you’re looking for a 24h parking service, plan to pay between €10 and €35 per day on average. The tourist office issues a map of all the city’s car parks.

In the center, the cheapest car parks are the INSUR Mirador car park in Santa Justa and the INSUR car park, further south from the former and close to the San Bernardo metro station (line 1). Both of them are situated very close to the historic center. Another convenient option is the MC Avenida de Roma, just a minute away from the Alcazar, though it is often fully booked in advance. Finally, our favorite option was the PARKIA Virgen de Luján, fairly cheap given its excellent location, situated just across the Puente de Los Remedios from the lush gardens surrounding the Plaza de Espana.

Make sure you book in advance a parking space near your hotel. Some hotels even offer discounts, do not hesitate to ask. You can also opt for accommodation with private parking.

In summer, it is not uncommon for some car parks to be full. By booking in advance, you are sure to have a covered space in a secure car park.

It should be noted that car parks do not accept credit or debit cards most of the time, so bring cash just in case! Or book online (link below) :

Cheap parking in Seville

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Parking in Seville: park in Seville in an outdoor car park

Outdoor car parks are the most economical and cheapest solution for parking in Seville. You’ll find huge car parks near metro stations, such as :

  • Ciudad Expo (Mairena del Aljarafe),
  • San Juan Alto, San Juan Bajo (San Juan de Alfarache),
  • Condequinto y Olivar de Quintos (Dos Hermanas).

They are free and supervised, but they are only open from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. during the week, and from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. on weekends.

You will also find free, unattended parking in Seville at the Blas Infante station, behind the Parque de Los Principes in Triana.

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  1. Hi! If we plan to visit Seville for half a day and have a 9-seater van, where would you recommend for parking please because the van doesn’t go into all car parks easily. Thanks!

  2. Hi! Just read your post, are the free outdoor car parks you mentioned that are near the metro lines avaialable to be used for over night parking? I know you mentioned times that they are open, I just didn’t know if that meant access hours or if they don’t offer over night parking. Thanks in advance!

    • Gabriel.S

      Hi there!
      Those free car parks are meant for metro users, meaning they open and close alongside the metro everyday. The metro doesn’t function all night so you shouldn’t park there and leave your car overnight, so unfortunately no, they are not available for overnight parking. The exception to this is the parking lot near Blas Infante station, where you will be able to leave your car overnight but with no security measures, it is just a big empty lot. Security isn’t a huge concern but on Fridays and Saturdays local youth tend to hang out and tailgate there, which does add some risk of damage to your car.

      For safe overnight parking we would recommend booking a spot online in a 24h car park, some locations are quite cheap and start around 7€ a day.

      Hope that helps!

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