Pitcairn islands – a paradise in the least populous country in the world


Wonderful sea, plenty of fish, palms and peace. The paradise on earth, known as Pitcairn islands is the least populous country in the world with just 49 inhabitants.

The idyllic tropical island is thousands of kilometers away from civilization and it has no pollution at all. The Pitcairn Islands are the furthest British colony in the Pacific Ocean, and only one of the four Pitcairn islands is inhabited. From Tahiti it is 2,170 km far, from New Zealand 5,310 km and from Panama 6,600 kilometers.

St Pauls Pool, Pitcairn Island
St Pauls Pool, Pitcairn Island by visitpitcairn.pn

Pitcairn islands – basic information

Official name: Pitcairn Islands
Capital: Adamstown
Population: 49
Area: 5 km²
Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Official language: English, Pitcairn-Norfolk Language

Bounty Bay, Pitcairn Islands
Bounty Bay, Pitcairn Islands by visitpitcairn.pn

Pitcairn islanders are descendants of the mutineers of the Bounty ship, which floated through an archipelago of Tonga in 1789. These people founded isolated Tahitian – British colony here.

Due to the remoteness of the island, there was limited genetic influence from the outside and there was a mixing of only two human races. They speak Pitcairn language, which is a Creole language that originated in the 18th century, mixing English and Tahitian. The local school teaches both English as well as the original language.

Christian's Cave, Pitcairn Islands
Christian’s Cave, Pitcairn Islands by visitpitcairn.pn

While in the 30’s of the last century around 200 people lived here, today it is only 49 and they are getting older. Therefore, residents are desperately calling for new neighbors. They used to offer land and help with the construction of new neighbor’s own house.

Locals are making a living from selling honey, stamps, and coins. But collecting stamps is no longer as popular as it once was. And the number of ships stopping by is still decreasing.

Adamstown, Pitcairn Island
Adamstown, Pitcairn Island by visitpitcairn.pn

The volcanic island is only 3.5 kilometers long and just 1.8 kilometer wide and there is no suitable place where they could build an airport. It is therefore entirely dependent on shipping. Even the port looks very modestly.

The only grocery store operates on the island and is open 3 times a week. It is filled with new stuff every three months. Therefore, locals grow vegetables and do fishing. Generators produce electricity 5 hours in the morning and 5 in the evening.

Cliffs on Pitcairn Island
Cliffs on Pitcairn Island by visitpitcairn.pn

Although you will hardly find some modern life here, it is a very special place. It is wonderful to see the stars without light pollution. And you will also find the bluest water right here as well.

Should you need some more information, check their Official Pitcairn Islands Tourism Web Site visitpitcairn.pn, Should you want to become one of their new residents, check the Official Pitcairn Immigration and Repopulation Web Site immigration.gov.pn

Pitcairn Island
Pitcairn Island by visitpitcairn.pn

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