Places to visit in Malta – places not to miss while on holiday in Malta


Places to visit in Malta! Malta is a tiny country yet it offers so much when you consider its size, making it in the 9th position for the smallest countries in the world. In 316km Malta packs from crystal clear sandy beaches to glamorous restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. From modern architecture to historical towns and temples older than the Pyramid of Egypt.

This tiny island is what I call home and has something to offer for everyone’s taste no matter what your age is. I have lived here for 26 years so I can say I know the islands inside out. This puts me in a comfortable position to share with you the top towns and places to visit when on vacation in Malta.


Places to visit in Malta


Valletta is Malta’s capital city and the only city in Malta. Even though it wouldn’t be considered as a city in other countries since only 6K people live here.

Founded by Grandmaster La Valette, Valletta is situated on a peninsula surrounded by one of the most beautiful harbors in Europe. This harbor was featured as the ‘Marseille Harbour’ in the 2002 The Count of Monte Cristo movie.

Valletta has beautiful gardens. Probably the most alluring of all is the Upper Barrakka Gardens. These gardens not only offer space to relax in the shade but boasts magnificent views of the Grand Harbour.

Valletta is rich in history, home to old churches and Cathedrals. Don’t miss out on St John’s co-Cathedral in Valletta, with its collection of Baroque art including the famous beheading of St John by Caravaggio.

Its pedestrian streets make it an ideal shopping area, while its adjacent narrow streets fill the air with aroma making them great places to dine. There is so much to see and do in this magnificent city, no wonder why it was chosen as the European Cultural Capital for 2018.

Upper Barakka gardens, Valletta, Places to visit in Malta
Upper Barakka gardens, Valletta, Places to visit in Malta


Mdina is the old capital city of Malta and it stands high in the centre of Malta surrounded by thick bastions. Entering Mdina is like entering a time machine because its history dates back to more than 4000 years.

Mdina is well known as ‘the Silent City’ mostly due to its relaxed vibe during the night, and it has cultural and religious gems, no one wants to miss when visiting Malta. Apart from visiting the gorgeous churches, cathedral and the dungeons, walking along the bastions for a breathtaking view over the Maltese Islands is a must.

Mdina cathedral, Places to visit in Malta
Mdina cathedral, Places to visit in Malta


Sliema is a high-end coastal town in Malta which is harboured in Marsamxett Port and hence enjoys stunning views of Valletta. Its long promenades make it an ideal place for a stroll along the Maltese coast.

Sliema is also Malta’s shopping hub and hosts the largest shopping mall, Tigne Point. Here you have a wide variety of restaurants and in summer you can enjoy a nice swim in the Mediterranean Sea.

Valletta, Places to visit in Malta
View of Valletta from Sliema, Places to visit in Malta

Paceville, St Julians

Paceville is Malta’s own Ibiza and clubbing area. Paceville is an area of St Julian’s, only a 30-minute coastal walk from Sliema. It is home to free clubs and pubs offering all kinds of music for everyone’s likings.

If you’re into partying then this is the place for you. But beware, the crowds are seriously taunting and it is frequented by younger generations especially in summer.

Typical street in Paceville, Places to visit in Malta
Typical street in Paceville, Places to visit in Malta by UrbanMalta


Marsaxlokk is one of the cutest and most colourful villages in the south of Malta. This fishing village is home to hundreds of traditional Maltese Luzzu, fishing boats.

The bay is hence famous for its fresh fish restaurants. If you go on Sunday, you can enjoy the long busy open market which sells everything from fresh seafood to traditional souvenirs as well as clothes.

Luzzu Marsaxlokk, Places to visit in Malta
Luzzu Marsaxlokk, Places to visit in Malta

Wied Iz-Zurrieq & Hagar Qim Temples

Wied Iz-Zurrieq is a beautiful typical Maltese village situated in the south of Malta. It is well known for the authentic Maltese restaurants, but what attracts people the most is the Blue Grotto. This cave reflects deep blue clear waters and is only a few minutes boat ride away.

Another site not to miss is the UNESCO heritage site only 2km away from Wied iz-Zurrieq, Hagar Qim Temples. The wonders of these ruins date back to 3600 to 3200 BC.

Hagar Qim Temple, Places to visit in Malta
Hagar Qim Temple, Places to visit in Malta by John Haslam


There is nothing historical or particularly fancy about Bugibba but this coastal village in the north of the island attracts many tourists due to its reasonably priced hotels and its position.

It is in close proximity to the best beaches in Malta, a 30-minute bus to St Julians, as well a 20-minute bus away to catch the ferry to Gozo. In Bugibba, you can enjoy a stroll by the promenade, take boat tours, as well as visit the new National Aquarium.

St Julians, Places to visit in Malta
St Julians, Places to visit in Malta


Mellieha stands high on a hill in the northern part of Malta. Mellieha is known for its natural beauty and views, from this point, you can see picturesque views of our sister island Gozo.

From its old sanctuary to nature reserve and beaches, Mellieha has been a designated European Destination of Excellence. Mellieha is a popular tourist destination as it hosts the largest beach in Malta, Mellieha Bay.

Popeye Village is also another great tourist attraction in the area. This is where the colourful film set from the 1980’s, which starred Robin Williams still stands today.

Mellieha bay, Places to visit in Malta
Mellieha bay, Places to visit in Malta

Mellieha church, Places to visit in Malta
Mellieha church, Places to visit in Malta

Where to stay in Malta

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta

A luxury hotel with an unforgettable view of the sea, Radisson Blu Resort & Spa is located aside of a city bustle and still only minutes from the resort center, where are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops.

One of the most luxurious hotels in Malta, however, offers more than just a sea views! Large swimming pool, a lagoon pool, a children’s pool, private beach or a spa are just a few more highlights.


Comino is our sister island between Malta and Gozo which hosts our most prestigious and pristine bay, The Blue Lagoon. You can only catch a ferry to here during the summer season.

This lagoon flaunts crystal clear waters and you don’t want to leave the islands without taking a dip in this natural pool. But Comino’s beauty is easily lost in the summer crowds so here is a detailed blog about the island and how to get the best of Comino.

Read more about All you need to know about Comino here!

Blue lagoon, Comino, Places to visit in Malta
Blue lagoon, Comino, Places to visit in Malta


Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese Archipelago and thankfully is only a 20-minute ferry away. It is a getaway for Maltese people. Its terrain varies greatly from Malta.

Gozo is more pristine and greener and has so much natural beauty to offer. Make sure you enjoy the natural Azure Window (UPDATE: sadly, this window collapsed after heavy storm in March 2017 and is no more…), the beautiful bays of Xlendi and Marsalforn as well as its historic Citadel in Victoria. Visit one of the most beautiful beaches with its rich red sand, Ramla il-Hamra, and try to get yourself in the hidden valley of Wied L-Ghasri.

Wied il ghasri, Gozo, Places to visit in Malta
Wied il ghasri, Gozo, Places to visit in Malta

Gozo Dwejra, Places to visit in Malta
Gozo Dwejra, Places to visit in Malta

The Maltese Islands deserve more than a week of your time, however, if you are on a tight schedule you could visit all 3 islands in a week.

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