The best area to stay in Bali

The best area to stay in Bali

If you have the chance to visit Indonesia for the holidays, explore the best places to stay in Bali! Here is a cities, neighborhoods and area guide of Bali.

A paradise for travellers and surfers, the island of Bali is located between Java and Lombok in Indonesia and is a dream destination for holidaymakers. With a surface area of ​​5,637 km², it is home to 3,890,000 inhabitants. Finding accommodation in Bali will not be difficult, as there are an abundant amount of hotels in the south of the island: Denpasar, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Legian, Sanur, Ubud in the centre and Lovina Beach in the north. Bali lies 8 degrees latitude south of the equator. In other words, it is hot and humid. With an average temperature of 28°C throughout the year, Bali has an equatorial climate. With more than 3 million tourists – Indonesia’s richest island – mass tourism is its main financial windfall.

Rice paddys, white sandy beaches, lush vegetation, temples and heat all year long: Bali is a dream. Although accommodation is still an issue when planning a trip. In order to know where to stay in Bali, here is a presentation of some cities where you can set down your cases.

South Bali

South, best area to stay in Bali

Photo credit: Flickr – zsoolt

Kuta? No. Kuta is the temple of Western tourists, mostly Australians and the area is like an open-air amusement park serving mass tourism. Unless you like to party all night. However, you will not see many Balinese people. As soon as you land on the tarmac at Denpasar, we advise you to go to the Bukit peninsula for your stay in Bali. Take the opportunity to treat yourself to some surfing beginner classes on the beach: the water is 30°, take a dip in Uluwatu and Padang Padang. Between temples – Pura Luhur -, walks with majestic views of the Indian Ocean – Dreamland Beach, Bingin Beach, Pantai Melasti, Pantai Pandawa, etc. – and relaxation, you will find a relaxed, stress-free environment to boot. If you are looking for cheap accommodation, look in South Bali.

The eastern part of Bali

Sidemen, best area to stay in Bali

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Black sandy beaches, traditional fishing ports, a coastal road winding around the mountains between Amlapura and Kubu, Amed, Sibetan and the Salak plantations, the rice fields of Sidemen, you will find authentic areas still untouched by mass tourism. Indeed, you can be in contact with the local population and witness its hospitality first-hand. To stay in East Bali, there are few hotels, but more bed and breakfasts or homestays.

Ubud in the centre of Bali

Ubud, best area to stay in Bali

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Ubud is a big city compared to the many small villages of Bali: 34,034 inhabitants. It is the cultural capital of the island, and contains many activities for its visitors. Art galleries, local craft shops, yoga centres- the island has preserved Hinduism and has 95% practitioners – and green rice fields will improve your getaway to no end. As for accommodation, there is everything from cheap guest houses to luxury hotels, so staying in Ubud is sure to be refreshing!

Around Batur Lake

Batur Lake, best area to stay in Bali

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In the north-east of the island, overlooking the Batur volcano – 1,717 metres above sea level – and its eponymous lake: here you will find a magnificent base if you are fond of hiking in the countryside. Climb the volcano’s ridges to admire the caldera and Mt. Abang, which rises to 2,152 metres above sea level. The accommodation in the area – resorts, homestays, guest houses – are located on the edge of the lake, at the foot of the volcano: the best accommodation in Bali!

Main photo credit : Flickr – Selamat Made

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